Advice For Guys  

BorderWolf 51M/42F
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6/19/2006 6:34 pm
Advice For Guys

If you want to get laid on this site, buy a membership. Mine is expiring and I am not going to renew for now (taking a little break) but it was well worth it.

Responding to people's blogs with lines like "look me up." or "I'm ready for you." will get you nowhere. Especially if your off the blogs topic. All that does is piss off the blogger.

Get a membership so you can send an actual email.

If a couple says no men, honor that and leave them alone. You won't change their minds, you will just piss them off.

If you get lucky enough to make a date with a woman or a couple be brave enough to keep it. You make us all look bad when you don't show up.

Post a picture of your face. 100s of women say please show something more then a cock picture, yet 100s of guys just show their dick. Pay attention to the ladies.

Fill out your profile. Tell about yourself. The women really do want to know something about you even if you are just hooking up for sex.

Don't claim you can get a woman off every time, or that you will be the best she ever had. She will just laugh at you. You don't know who she has been with. Do tell her what you think your skills are, but don't sound conceited.

Use the spell checker.

Don't tell her your life story, or about the woman who did you wrong. Leave the baggage at home.

In the past 6 months I have been lucky enough to meet and have fun with 8 women and 3 couples. I have had a blast. I am not a stud. I am slightly overweight and because of my business hours I am not always available to play, but I have had a wonderful time on this site. You can too.

Just my advice... I could be wrong.

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