Well, dear reader(s)...........  

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4/16/2005 3:48 pm

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Well, dear reader(s)...........

Well, dear reader(s)......

I went out like I said I would, and I completely enjoyed myself. I went out into the fresh air, and I just relaxed.... I went to the bookstore, I got some CD's, a dvd collectors set, a book, a magazine, and some tea. When it was time to go home, I just sat out in front of the bookstore, and just chilled until my ride came. I had one offer of a ride home, well, it would have been a nice ride, but I wanted to enjoy the air a little bit more. When I came back home, I just put stuff away, and hopped onto the computer, and here I am.

I was babe watching, and I tell you, I'm glad that I have transitional glasses! I looked at all of the honies just walking by.. I smiled at a few, and they knew I was looking at them, but I don't care. I know there was this one young woman talking on her phone, but I ignored her. All of a sudden, she got into her car and started talking. I saw this low-riding car and it looked sooo sweet. I call those kind of cars pussymobiles. That's the only reason why the owner must be driving it, he's on the prowl to get his pecker wet. He had everyone's attention, and it was kinda funny to see that happen.

I know that my writing is kind of erratic, but hey! that's what fresh air does to ya!

Thanks again! See ya soon!

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