Having sex in the middle of the floor.....  

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4/19/2005 2:41 pm

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Having sex in the middle of the floor.....

I came home from work on day, as I always do, I found my wife in the middle of the floor, dancing seductively and slowly. The house was covered in candles of different sizes. There were also incense burning. The windows were open and the warm breeze from the day came in and made the smell sweeter.

I walked slowly up behind her, and I slowly caressed her moving form. She smelled like she had just got out of the shower. I didn't care, upon looking at the entire scene, I was horny and I was ready to fuck. She was so soft, and I gently pulled her close to me, and I pushed my front into her rear. She ground her ass, into me and I ground myself back, in return. We both shuddered from the intense feelings. She slowly turned around, and wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. I pulled her closer to me, and I pushed myself up against her. She reached down to my pants, and unzipped them. She reached inside of them and started stroking my "dick". She didn't need to stroke it for long, because it was ready to explode. She stopped, pulled her hand out, and took me by the hand and led me to the couch in the living room. She pushed me onto the couch and pulled my pants down.

She pushed me back, and got down on her knees, and slid her mouth around the head of my dick and started licking me. She ran her tongue down the back of my dick, and put her mouth around my balls. I nearly passed out from the feeling. Her mouth was so nice, hot and wet. Then she ran her tongue, along the shaft of my dick, and it got even harder. My hips started to move, but she stopped licking me. I said, "ok, I'll keep still, just don't stop." She smiled, and put her mouth on my "dick" again, and she put the whole thing in her mouth. (I knew I had a talented wife!) When she came up, she moved up slowly, and sucked it. I almost passed out a second time, this time my "dick" was standing straight up, and it was ready for her pussy.

She stood up, and looked a me. She started to lift her dress. She pulled down her thong, and took it all the way off. She gently took my "dick" into her hands, and she lowered herself on my "dick". Her hot pussy, knocked the breath out of me. She took all of me in, and her head went back. I reached up to stroke her breasts, and I rubbed her nipples. She said, "mmmmmmmm, yeah baby, like that." She began fucking me, and my hands fell to the couch. It felt so good. She slid my "dick" inside and outside of her cunt, and her juice covered my "dick" like a glazed donut. She would go slow and occasionally she would grind, and that nearly sent me through the roof. She reached down the gently rub my balls, and my hips moved and jumped. I looked at her as she was working her hips up and down. She was still tight from last night. I felt my balls became tense, and she knew I was about to pop. She moved faster, and her tits bounced even more.

I said to her, "Baby, I'm coming!" "OOHHHHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSShhhhhiiiiiitttttttttt!" She rode me as my cum spilled out of her box, and before I could come again, she slid her pussy off, and she put her mouth on the head of my dick. She drank my cum as it came out. After I was done, I finally passed out, and she disappeared.......

rm_assluvr68 49M

4/19/2005 3:36 pm

lucky you but why didnt you suck her pussy and lick her ass

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