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Gym class

Disclaimer: Just so no one gets the wrong idea, this next erotic story comes from my own writings. If you want to give me a negative response, please, keep it to yourself. Thank you....

After a long day of work, I had just stepped out of the shower in my office I heard my door close. I smelled perfume making its way to me I opened my door and you were sitting there in my seat. I said, "Hi, may I help you?" You looked at me and said, "Well, I hope so, you see I need some help with something. I have a bad back. From what I understand you give massages, and you seem to be very popular. So, I was wondering if you could massage my neck and shoulders." I said, "Sure, not a problem! I just need to put on some clean sweat clothes. I'll be with you in just a bit." You said, "Well, I'm not going to be here too long, you don't have to go into depth, just a rub or a squeeze will be ok, and besides you look fine as you are." I smiled to myself. I went over to my massage table to prepare it. You stood up, took off your shoes and walked over towards me. I moved out of the way so you could get onto the table. As you came closer, you were smiling at me, and I smiled back. I held out my hand to assist you onto the table. You took my hand and put it on your ass I knew I must have been blushing. I could feel my face becoming very hot. Your ass felt so nice, I tried to move it, but you kept it there. I tried to say something, but you closed in for a kiss. Your soft lips and a little bit of tongue, nearly caused my knees to buckle. As you were kissing me, your hand went inside of my robe and started rubbing my pussy lips. My body was becoming hot, and I could feel my pussy becoming very wet. After coming out of the kiss, you said, "Mmmmmmmmm, a quick starter, I guess I don't have to work very hard." I had to clear my throat, so I could speak clearly. "Well, I don't know about a quick starter, but I know you've gotten the engine started." Your hands untied my bathrobe and my body was revealing my arousal. You but both hands around me, and slid them down around to my ass and you squeezed my cheeks. I moaned and I felt my arousal becoming greater. My other hand, went to your other ass cheek. You sighed and moaned in return. You had on a skirt, and it was short enough for me to reach under it. I put my finger between your legs and I felt something leather. I moved back a bit, and lifted up your skirt, and there was a leather thong; just waiting to be moved. My finger was waiting to go inside of you. I looked at you, and you had this lustful smile on your face. I pulled you closer to me and put my finger down the front of your thong, and rubbed the outside of your clit. I could feel your excitment. Your nipples were erect underneath of your silk blouse. I had to remove my finger from your thong, in order to unbutton your buttons. You were caressing my neck with your fingertips. I lifted my chin and you kissed my neck. When you did that, I had to move you onto the massage table. You followed me, and opened my robe a little wider. The heat of your body made me even more aroused. You kissed and licked me on my throat, that made my clit hard and stand out. Your hands went down the length of my body, and cupped my ass again. You let go of my ass, and took your blouse off and revealed two very round breasts with black nipples. Your nipples were erect and ready for me to squeeze, pinch and lick. I looked at you and wondered what was up next. You took off your skirt and I look at the sweetest shape, that could have ever been made. I reached over for the towels for your knees. You took them and put them on the floor in front of me. You got close to me, opened my lips and ran your tongue around the head of my clit, and gently blew warm to hot air on it. I almost slid to the floor, but my feet were firmly planted on the ground. You waited until I regained my balance and continued. Your tongue slid back and caressed the opening of my pussy, and I almost swooned. I said, "Wait, baby, I have to lay down or I'm going to hurt your neck." You said, "No, I don't think so, just don't grab my head too hard, as your cumming." I started to say something, but your tongue slid underneath of my clit, and I forgot what I was going to say. You moved your head back and forth,slowly. While you were licking me, you were breathing hot air on my clit, I had to lean bck onto my table. I just let you have your way with me. You slid one finger inside of me and I almost came, but you pulled it out when I squirted on you. My hips started to move slowly at first, then your licking and sucking, started to pick up. It felt so good! My body quivered, I started to shake, and sweat just rolled down my body... The farthest back my ass went, your head went with it. You stopped what you were doing, looked up at me and said, "Where are you going? Come back here and take your licking like a woman!" We both laughed. I said, "Look, if you're going to do this may I lay down?" You said, "Sure, I'm flexible!" We laughed again. I put my back towards the wall, and moved toward the edge of the massage table. I go up on it, and laid down. You bent over and your tits moved forward, I went to touch them and you blocked my hand. "I want to make love you, with no distractions, thank you." So, I just laid down and relaxed. You opened my lips again, and this time you licked me slow and intenly. My breathing quickened, and in less than a minute I came.....

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