Dungeon Time...  

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Dungeon Time...

Alright my readers, we're going to go a bit deep and dark, I hope this doesn't offend you, but I need to stretch my S/M muscles. And here we go...

I went outside to the barn, I needed to clean it up a bit. Since it was a hot summer night, I only had on a pair of coveralls with nothing on underneath but boxers. I went inside of the barn and I hear a woman humming. I said, "Hello?" She stood up on the other side of the haystack. She smiled and said, "Hi, sexy!" I didn't close the barn door right away, so I looked behind myself. I didn't see anyone else, so I pointed at myself and she smiled and nodded.

I came all the way into the barn; closed the door and walked over to her. When I got on the other side of the haystack, I found that she had on a very tight fitting t-shirt, the neckline was cut so low, it revealed the crease-between her breasts, she had on very short shorts. She had very shapely legs and very nice thighs. I looked at her beautiful grey eyes and long black, curly hair. I stood there with my thumbs hooked in the straps of my coveralls, and I had a big smile on my face. I asked, "Where did you come from, miss?" She smiled and said, "Well I live right up the road, and I thought I would come and visit a bit, but I saw your barn door open and I thought I would take a look inside to see what was inside of yours. That's all. Did I do anything wrong?" I looked around and saw that nothing was damaged. "Nothing's wrong, it's just you are trespassing, and I didn't expect anyone to be in my barn. Usually, folks come to my house to visit, and not come to my barn." I explained. She said, "You're right. I am trespassing, and I should have come to your house for a visit. What can I do to make up for my unneighborly-like behavior?" I smiled lustfully. I came closer to her, I could smell her arousal, and her perfume was causing me to become very wet and hard.

"Hmm Hmm, well I think we can say you can let me fuck you in your ass, but I won't hurt you, is that ok with you?" She thought about it for a few minutes, then she smiled at me and nodded, 'yes'. I smiled and continued to look at her ass. It stuck out a bit, and it was a nice round ass, the kind you can take in the palms of your hands and squeeze. I reached down and felt it. It molded very nicely in my palms. It was soft, I pushed my growing erection up against her ass, and she gasped in surprise. I said to her, "Shut up! You wanted it and you're going to get it! Now, not another peep!" I said, as I pulled her up closer and rougher against my now hardening cock. She whimpered and I pushed her away from me. She looked at me, in complete and utter confusion. I grabbed her hand and I dragged her behind me.

She kept resisting me, so I stopped, reached inside of one of the pockets of my cover-alls and pulled out a pair of leather hand-cuffs. I turned around grabbed both of her wrists and bound them together. She looked at me with a bit of surprise, I said, "Oh, you really didn't think I was going to be gentle now, did you?" She looked at me and shook her head. "Good, just so you don't get anymore ideas, this is your punishment for intruding upon my dungeon, uninvited." She asked, looking around slowly and carefully, "Your dungeon?" "Yes, my dungeon." I dragged her to the back part of my barn and I pushed her in. A table, a large comfortable bed, and on the opposite wall were chains and more leather cuffs. They were dangling from the wall itself, they greeted the two of us, but it all greeted her, moreso than me.

I began to undress, I unlatched the straps from my cover-alls and let the bib fall down. I had no shirt on, my nipples stood out on my bare chest. She started to move to touch my masculine ches and my strong, muscular arms and shoulders. I looked at her warningly, and she stopped in her tracks, and looked at the floor. "Good, you're learning." She stood absolutely still, as I walked over to her and grabbed the leather handcuffs and dragged her over to the table. "Get on the table." I said, waiting for her to move, but she didn't. "I SAID, GET ON THE DAMNED TABLE, IF YOU DON'T YOU WON'T BE FUCKED UP THE ASS, NOW MOVE." She got up on the table. "Now, I'm going to take my clothes off, and you're going to watch me. You can't say anything, nor can you get off of that table to touch me. Do you understand?" I stated, questioningly. She nodded. "Good, your learning." I unfastened my cover-alls all the wayu, and let them fall to the floor. My Johnson was semi-erect, she couldn't take her eyes off of it. I stood in front of her, I felt my nuts begin to swell. I looked at her and smiled. "You want to suck my lollypop, don't you?" She nodded, she was licking her lips. "Too bad, you're just going to have to wait. I want to suck your pussy first". I said, as I stepped out of my cover-alls, and walked over to the table. I pulled her to the edge of it. She reached up to touch my shoulders. I grabbed her hands and put them onto the table. "Didn't I say not to touch me? Since you can't seem to follow a direct order, I'll have to punish you some more, damn it!" I stepped back, and grabbed her by her leather cuffs. I pulled her over to the wall, I pushed her up against the wall. The chains and the metal cuffs, shook and swayed back and forth, excitedly.

I removed the leather handcuffs, and threw them on the floor, I pulled off her t-shirt. Her breasts and nipples swelled with anticipation. I bent down and sucked and licked her nipples. She sighed and moaned. I ran my tongue around her nipple. She slowly reached for my growing dick and began to lightly stroke it. I moved back and I let her stroke it, too!" Her hands were so nice and soft, she was slow with her caresses. I pushed her hands away from my ever growing salami. "MMMM, even though that does feel good, I'm still going to eat your pussy and fuck you up your ass, understand?" She nodded very slowly and disappointedly. I began to unbutton her shorts, I pulled them down; she had on a leather thong. I looked at her and she smiled, blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment. "Hmm, looks like you've been planning for this to happen, huh?" She nodded. "Good, you're learning." I smacked her breasts hard with my hand, both of her nipples stood erect. I turned her around and she turned her head away from the wall, I smacked her bare ass. "Turn your head back to the wall!" She turned her head back towards the wall.

I moved towards the table, opened up one of the side drawers. I pulled out a small cat'o'nine tails and a blindfold. I walked back over to her, I moved her hair out of the way. I gave her a long lick and then I gave her a passion mark on her neck. She let out a moan, then she caught herself. I said, "Moans, sighs, saying yes, begs, pleads, encouragements, and other communications are welcome. Any other communications, for the exception of 'no thank you' or 'please don't' are acceptable, but anything other than that are unacceptable, is that understood?" "Yes." She said, "Good, you're learning." I turned her head so that she was facing the wall. I put the small cat'o'nine tails in my mouth and I put the blindfold over her eyes. I tied it around her head and I asked, "Can you see anything?" "No." I smiled, "Good, you're learning."

I moved my hand, that held the cat'o'nine tails back and I gave her the first blow on her ass cheeks. She gasped and moaned, and she rocked forward. I caught her by her neck and stood her up. I put the whip in my mouth again. I moved to the side, took the whip out of my mouth, moved my hand back and smacked her ass, hard, she moaned and shook. She asked, "Please, may I have another?" I smiled and moved to the other side, and smacked her ass hard. She shook again, and leaned her head back. I pushed my dick up on her and she felt how hard it was. She sighed and moved her ass up and down on my ever-hardening manhood. I closed my eyes and moved back. I took the whip and smacked her on her ass. When I finished, her ass cheeks were red. I rubbed them and bent over and kissed them, then I licked them. I stood up and said, "Don't ever let it be said that I never kissed or licked your ass." "Ok, I won't." She said, as she wiggled her ass, then I smacked it again.

She jumped. I moved in behind her and slowly pushed her up against the wall. I could hear her panting, I was breathing deeply and slowly against her neck. I slowly smoothed my hands around her front, and I cupped her breasts. I pinched her nipples, and she sighed moaned and almost passed out. I moved back again and smacked her on her ass, hard again. She jumped. "I'm sorry, please, I want you to slide your large sausage up my ass. Please don't hurt me, and then can you suck, lick and blow me?" I stood back and said, "Kind of bossy aren't you?
Think you're in charge do you?? Guess what? Whatever!" I moved her back up against the wall; this time I ran my hands up the insides of her thighs, I could feel her cum sliding and dripping onto my hand. "Hmmm, seems like I can just slide right on in." She nodde, "Good you're learning." I said, as I licked and bit her on her back. I slowly slid down and bit her on the back of her thighs. She gasped and shivered. After I gave her a passion mark, I licked the back of her thighs.

She pleaded with me, "Please take me to the bed over there and just have your way with me!" It was like someone was playing a classical song by Beethoven. I could feel myself ready to explode. My rocket was ready to blast off, I slowly unfastened the metal cuffs. I kissed and massaged each wrist as I lowered them. I turned her around but kept her against the wall. I made her squat, I slowly pushed my cucumber in her very wet and burning love box; she grabbed my ass and held on. It didn't take long for either one of us to cum. Sweat covered our bodies, cum slid down our legs. We were panting with the release, but she wanted more. She rubbed my ass very lightly. My balloon started to inflate again.

I slid it out, and she got down on her knees. She looked up, "Good, you're learning". I said, as I smiled. I began to stoke myself, she watched me, greedily. She started to lick me, but I pulled away. I smacked her on her face. "Get up, now!" I said in a deep threatening tone of voice. She stood up, her tits shook and she lowered her head. I grabbed her around her arm and pulled her to the nice comfortable bed. I threw her onto it. I go on as I was stroking my everready pecker. "Turn over and stick your ass in the air, Do it now!" She did as she was commanded to. "Good, you're learning." I reached for a very large bottle of lube and a codom. I released myself, and began to put the condom on. She said, "Please, may I help you with that?" I looked at her and said, "No, you lost that privilege. Sit on the edge of the bed. Do it now!" She sat down and waited. I put the condom down and I walked over to her. She looked at my cock and started to lick her lips. "Hungry are you? Want to suck and lick my lollypop? Want to blow me to oblivion?" She nodded her head and she never took her eyes off of my growing hard on. I pulled her head forward and I let her do her thing..... After I shot her in her mouth and she swallowed, I shakily reached over to pick up the condom, I threw it in her lap. I moved back and I continued to stroke my dick. She put the condom on the head of my dick and gently rubbed it/rolled it on me. "Good, you're learning." I said, as my voice cracked and faltered from my last orgasm. I grabbed the lube and tossed it in her lap. She jumped from the sudden cold feeling of the lube bottle hitting her hot lap. "Something the matter?" I asked, she said, WWell, the sudden coldness of the lube, please forgive me." I smiled, and said, "Good, you're learning." I reached down and began to stroke, caress,and grab her breasts and nipples. "Put the lube on me. Do it now!"

She picked up the bottle and opened it up, and put some lube in the palm of her hand. She gently took my throbbing meat and started to stroke it. "OOOOOOO yeah!" I purred..... It didn't take long for my missle to stand up. "Ahem, now get back on the bed, turn around and stick your ass in the air, Do it now!" I ordered her and she complied obediently. I saw that her pussy was dripping wet, but I had a hot ass to fuck. I picked up the lube, squeezed out a huge amount. I made sure her asshole was nice and soaked. I pulled her ass closer to me and I slowly slid myself in. She nearly fainted and so did I.

She slowly moved back and forth on my hardened dick. I reached around and put my thumb inside of her pussy; she began to weep. I held her close with my other hand. "Oh baby, damn, oh shit." I said, as sweat and goose pimples covered my body. "mmmmmmm, oh yeah, please, please, please, don't stop. That feels good, you're learning." The both of our bodies rode each other.... After filling the condom to bursting, I slowly pulled out. I took the condom off. "Lay down". I said, and she did. "Open your legs, I want some pie." And she did. I laid down, I opened her swollen lips and I licked all of the wonderful icing that covered her pie. She sighed and relaxed. I put my mouth over her clit and breathed hot air on it. Her head rolled over to the other side. I slowly licked her. I slid my tongue down to her hole and licked the outside rim of her pussy. She opened her legs up further. I stuck my tongue in. Her pussy juices filled my mouth and I swallowed. Then I slid my middle finger in and put my mouth on her clit. Her back arche, it didn't take long for her to cum..... I slid my finger out, and I knelt over her breasts, I started to jerk myself off. When I came, I exploded on her. Before we passed out I said, "When you wake up, I want my dungeon cleaned and straightened back up. " Yes, I will." She said, as I wrapped my arms around her. "Good, you have learned." I said, as I closed my eyes and went to sleep....

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