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Boomer5pow 40M
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9/30/2005 8:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Me right now

09/30/05 10:42 P.M.
I am not sure what to put into a blog, but here goes.
I am sitting here with my cat Sam. He looks bored I am bored. I should be at the club. My friends have been wanting me to. Every time I end up going out with them I end up banned from a bar. I have gotten into more fights bar hopping than I would care to remember. I am waiting for this girl I contacted on here to get back with me. I guess she either is not interested or she found someone else. First she flatters me, then she does not return my mails. I am not sore about it I was hoping to hook up with someone soon. I am getting tired of being lonely. I know I am a descent looking guy, a lot of girls on here have told me so, but you can't exactly go up to just any girl and go, Hey I am a good looking guy, I have a big dick do you want to see? Well, that is just obnoxios! I can not just go after the ones in the bar, that is one way to get in a bar fight. Plus it seems that ladies in the bar only get up enough courage to talk to a guy when they are so sloppy drunk they puke on your shoes! Before they do they usually say "Hey I have been watching you all night" Like I am going to go home with a girl who can't even remember who she came there with! If they watch why not come up to me before they slurp down half the bar? Sheesh! I would not feel right taking a girl I just met home drunk. That would be more like taking advantage of her. I pissed one girl off by taking her home! I got the dent in my truck to prove it! I met her at the bar, and she stopped me before I left. I took her home and she invited me in. I told her I would not go in with her in that condition. She got mad! She said "You mean I took you home, and you won't even comein? I could still be at the bar!" She called me the next morning to apologise. I am friends with her, but she went off to New York 3 months ago when her Mother passed. I never slept with her. I think that pissed her off! Oh well. I can only please one person a day, I guess it wasn't her day! I will close this thing for now. I will have another post soon.

rm_lonely1623 45F
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11/21/2005 11:13 am

i think that was comendable of you not to take advantage of her.. i think that you are a wonderful, loving, caring, and very atintive to others needs and wishes.. i think it is time for you not to be lonely anymore and settle down with a nice women who would do anything for you.. and for you to do the same for her.. i have an idea who... contact me and i will let you know.. see ya soon.

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