Las Vegas Trip  

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Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas Trip

She was forty-eight-year-old mother of three and wife of a good hardworking man and practiced their strong Catholic religion as a family.

Sharon was the only daughter born to a strict Catholic family who was educated in a parochial school in a small town near Boston. She dated only one man, Tom who she married the first year after graduating high school. Having her first child before the age of twenty and her last two years later, twenty years ago. She had two grandchildren who she was very proud of.

Sharon was a very conservative woman who dressed very simple and never showed herself off to men. She was not a head turner because she never dressed the part. She was a very pretty woman with long dark hair and green eyes standing 5' 9" and not much over 130 pounds. She had measurements of 36C 24 35 long slender legs. Her husband of twenty-eight years was the only man to ever see her naked. Their sex life was good up until the last five years when he had a prostrate problem and never had the sex drive he had in the previous years. She was content and never complained about the missionary style of making love. In the first few years of their marriage Tom wanted to try various ways of lovemaking which she did not complain until he wanted oral sex. She tried it only once and refused to try it again. Tom never pushed the issue with her and just did without.

Sharon was preparing for the trip to Las Vegas with the Lady's Club from the church. They take a trip every year and this was the first time to Las Vegas. There were eight women going and they would have four rooms, two to a room. She was excited about going since she heard so much about Las Vegas and it would be her first time going to a casino.

All eight women met at the church where a Limo picked them up and took them to the Airport.

The plane arrived on time in Vegas; the women took two cabs to their hotel. Their reservations were set for them but the only problem was that the four rooms were not together.

Since there was a convention in town and the hotel was booked their rooms were on four different floors. It didn't matter much to them as long as the rooms were nice. They would meet in the lobby before going for their meals and shows.

Sharon was sharing her room with Janice a long time friend of hers. Janice had family in Las Vegas and promised to see them while she was there. After the women settled in at the hotel they met in the lobby to wait for their luggage to arrive.

After about an hour the luggage was delivered but Sharon wardrobe suitcase was not there. All she had was her make-up bag with her lingerie. She suddenly became very upset.

The hotel manager took control of he situation and called the airport. They promised to deliver it directly to her room as soon as they located the suitcase.

The women after dinner had checked at the desk about the suitcase, but no luck yet.

When it was time for bed Sharon borrowed a nightshirt but had no clothes for the following day. The women gave different pieces of clothing for Sharon to try on and volunteer them for her to wear until her clothes arrived.

Being the larger of all the women who were a size or two smaller Sharon managed to put together a couple of outfits that would pass for now. The skirts were further above the knee than she would normally wear and the blouses a bit tighter than she would have liked. With the skirts and blouses she had tried on she looked ten years younger. Her friends complimented her looks and she thanked them for their positive remarks. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled to herself like she was looking at a different person.

When at lunch the following day she had some men checking her out and that made her very uncomfortable. She realized that the convention was all men so wherever they went there were men looking at all of them.

That evening Janice was going to visit her relatives and Sharon had to sleep alone for that night. She didn't mind because she wanted to catch up on some needed rest.

After dinner the seven women went to the casino to try their luck gambling. Sharon sat at the roulette table. The others went their separate ways to try their luck around the casino.

While Sharon sat there a man in his early to mid forties sat there along side of Sharon.

She didn't realize that he was there until she won on her number and he congratulated her. She was startled that the man was there. She looked at him and realized how handsome and young he was. He introduced himself as Paul and asked her name. When she told him Sharon she also told him she was a married woman with grandchildren. He smiled and told her he was also married but he was here on convention along with co-workers and asked if her husband was along with her?

She explained to him about the women's church group and he thought that was very nice that the women got together for a trip like this.

Paul offered her a drink but she told him she doesn't drink but accepted a coke from him. Paul had ordered two rum and cokes for them without her knowing there was alcohol in her coke.

After a few drinks and long conversation Sharon was warming up to this man.

Paul looked her over pretty good and noticed what a nice body this woman had for her age. Of course he couldn't believe she was forty-eight and he told her so. She was flattered at that compliment and that made her feel more relaxed sitting there.

As they were talking and playing the game another man sat on the opposite side of Sharon. This man seemed to bother her. Every time he reached by her he would rub his arm on hers or against the side of her breasts. Paul noticed her getting annoyed and leaned over to tell the man he was bothering his wife. As he said that he put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him.

She looked at him in a strange way and he kissed her lips. Startled again she was about to say something when Paul whispered to her that he had to make it look like they were married. She thanked him and felt more at ease. The other man was still there and the longer he stayed the more she wanted to go.

Another half hour went by and Sharon started to feel a bit light headed. And with the annoying gentlemen to her left she was ready to leave and go to her room.

The other ladies were nowhere to be found so she excused herself and stood up from the table. Being a little unsteady on her feet she held on to Paul's shoulder. Paul stood up and held her steady on her feet.

Knowing she would have a problem walking to the elevators she asked Paul if he would be so kind to help her.

Paul without hesitation helped her along. When they came to the elevators she said she was fine but he insisted on helping her to her room.

On the elevator Paul held her very close to him and had his arm around her with his left hand on the side of her breast. Sharon was aware of him holding her there but didn't want to be rude; after all he was helping her. Meanwhile Paul was excited that he was holding her nice firm breast without any resistance. He was imagining what a night he was in for. This tall, beautiful, full figured woman was going to be his for the night.

When the elevator reached her floor she said goodnight and tried to walk to her room. Paul grabbed her again and helped her to her door. She was confused why she felt this way.

She fumbled for her key but with the help of Paul he found it and opened her door.

He helped her to the couch where he sat her down and lifted her legs around so she took the whole couch with her long legs spread across the three pillows. As she lay there against the armrest her skirt hiked up to her mid thighs. Paul noticed right away how perfect her long legs matched her well-formed body. He went to the bathroom and came back with a cold towel for her head. He laid the cold towel across her forehead and told her to close her eyes and relax.

She closed her eyes and the room began to spin. She opened her eyes and told Paul about the room spinning and he assured her she would feel much better with her eyes closed.

She felt a warm sensation running through her body just knowing Paul was nearby.

Reaching her hand out to him she held his hand and thanked him so much for helping her. He kneeled along side of the couch and told her he was here for her. He leaned over and kissed her lips. Her eyes flew wide open but couldn't say anything. She was like frozen in time. Paul continued kissing her until she relaxed and kissed him back. Running his tongue in her mouth she was warming with desire.

A feeling she hasn't felt since her honeymoon night. Paul ran his hand over her belly and up under her right breast and down to her waist again. Her body was reacting to his touch against her will.

She pleaded with him not to do that because she is married and never been with another man except her husband.

He ignored her pleas because her body was reacting to his touch and moving along with his hand.

Sharon felt his hand now on her thigh roaming under her skirt to her panties. Again she pleaded for him to stop but when he reached her panties he found them wet. He knew now she wanted him but was unwilling to tell him.

Moving her panties aside Paul entered a finger into her. Sharon moaned and moved her body down to get more of his finger inside of her. With that Paul started to unbutton her blouse until it was opened and her bra showed holding a firm pair of 36C breasts. Unhooking the bra from the front her breasts were set free.

Still with his finger inside her he kisses between her breasts then ran his tongue up and over her hard rose bud nipple. From one to the other he licked and sucked her nipples. Her body was on fire with desire.

Entering another finger into her she moaned with pleasure. Paul's cock was hard and stood tall beneath his trousers. Her breasts heaving now and her pussy loosing her juices Sharon was in high gear rocking against his fingers.

"OK" she said, "OK take me"

After covering her mouth with his and running his tongue in and around the inside of her mouth he asked her "What is it you want Sharon?"

" Please take me take me now."

Sucking hard on her nipple and driving his fingers into her he looked her in the eye "Tell me you want to fuck me" You want my big cock inside of you, tell me that Sharon"

"Oh please, I don't talk like that, that's dirty!" she pleaded.

"I'm finger fucking you and sucking your tits with you cumming all over my fingers, that's not dirty slut?"

"Yes, oh Yes do it please!" she moaned.

"Do what?"

"OK fuck me, fuck me with your big cock!"

Paul picked her up and carried her to the bed. Removing his clothes and then the remainder of hers he sat on her straddled with his knees at her sides. Holding his cock in his hand he ran it over her brown bush.

"Is this what you want slut?"

"Yes, put it in me please do it now."

With that he moved up closer to her face and waved his cock across her lips

"No I don't do that," she yelled

"You will now," he said as he placed his cock to her lips.

Looking at that huge cock that was wider than anything she ever imagined and long and hard it just frightened her to death.

"No I couldn't do that, I never did."

Paul wouldn't hear of it and pressed it to her lips. She refused to open her lips until he reached and took her nipple of her left tit and twisted and pulled on it. "Open up slut and suck my cock, then I will fuck you just as hard as you like to be fucked."

Sharon had no choice but to open her mouth. Paul seen her open and shoved it in until it hit the back of her throat. She gagged at first then as he slowly moved in and out she was getting to like it.

Running her tongue over and around the large plum like head she felt his pre-cum leaking and running over her tongue. She lapped it up and tasted the bitterness of it. Not as bad as she thought it would be. Being as naive as she is she thought he came already?

As she sucked his cock he was driving in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Suddenly his cock swelled and he emptied his balls into her throat. She coughed and gagged and got the surprise of her life as he shot his hot creamy cum into her mouth. Forcing herself to swallow she took most of it down into her belly.

Leaving the cum dripping from her lips he slid down her body rubbing his cock along her tits and back up again.

He put his cock back into her mouth and she suck more until he became erect again.

He rose up and lifted her legs into the air as he drove his newly erected cock into her pussy.

Her lips were forced open and the sides of her pussy burned as his cock was driving in and out of her.

She has never felt this feeling she was having and she was surprised at how much she was enjoying the moment.

After driving into her several times Paul turned her over and had her on hands and knees doggie style.

Sharon didn't know what he was doing until she felt his cock drive deep inside of her. She has never felt anything that deep inside of her. She was ready to reach a climax something she hadn't done in over five years. She was at the height of orgasm.

Paul was pumping in and out of her with such violent thrust that she was being driven into the wall in front of her.

"Yes, yes, oh yes!" she was screaming to him. "Oh Paul I'm cumming I'm cumming Paul."

Paul was riding her like a wild bronco grunting and moaning as he drove deep inside of her.

"Yes I'm cumming, here it is slut take my cum deep inside of you."

They both climaxed together and fell to each other's side.

Sharon began to cry and Paul held her tight against him kissing her lips.

"I have never cheated on my husband she cried"

"You are a good lover Sharon." Paul was saying to her.

"Thank you, thank you so much. I needed that Paul, yes I needed that." "I have been such a prude all my married life but now I know what I have been missing." "Paul don't leave me tonight"

"OK" Paul responded to her. "Thank you."

"Paul maybe we can go to your room since my girlfriend will be back and I don't want her to know about us."

"Sure Sharon I have a suite upstairs and your friends will never know."

As they entered Paul's suite Sharon noticed how big it was and asked if he had this big place to himself.

"Honestly Sharon I share this place with three other co-workers from our office." "They are all OK and will never say a word about you being here."

Sharon feared that being here with four men was dangerous but the way her wild side came out tonight she shrugged it off as being foolish.

Sharon felt a new life after making love to Paul. She still loved her husband but he was so gentle too much of a gentlemen. She did have a wild side and tonight enjoyed what she felt, she was a slut for Paul.

It wasn't long until the three roommates of Paul's came back to the suite.

Paul introduced Sharon to Bob, Earl and John. Bob was the oldest in his mid fifties short and partially bald. Earl was a very good looking light skinned black man in his forties and very well built with his head shaved. And finally John who was the youngest of the group in his late twenties.

Paul made drinks for everyone and put on some music.

As Paul and Sharon danced together the others looked on envying Paul with such an attractive woman.

It wasn't long before they started to cut in on Paul and started to dance with Sharon.

Every song was slow and romantic putting Sharon into a warm romantic mood.

After making love to Paul only an hour before her body was still a bit fired up.

Her memory of their lovemaking made her wet and her nipples were getting aroused.

Dancing close to these men did help her excitement.

Bob was the first to make a move on her. As they dance he nuzzled his face into her shoulder biting her skin lightly and running his tongue up her neck to her ear.

Sharon was getting turned on by the way Bob was moving his lips and tongue over her shoulders and neck.

He gradually moved her blouse to one side and ran his tongue over her breasts above her bra.

Sharon felt the hot juices flowing from her pussy into her panties. She didn't want to go any further but her body was reacting without any help from her brain.

It wasn't long before Bob had her right breast out and his mouth cover her nipple. Licking around her nipple and biting tenderly on her rosebud made her shift into a different mode.

Her hand found his cock and she began to stroke him as the dance came to a complete stop. She opened his shirt and ran her hands on his chest feeling his nipples. Running her tongue over his hairy chest she took his nipple into her mouth and sucked it like a baby breast-feeding. This drove Bob crazy. He had to fuck her and fuck her now.

There they were in the middle of the floor fondling each other as the rest looked on.

Bob took her by the hand and guided her to his room. Sharon began to resist him but he took her into his arms and kissed her on her lips with his tongue searching the inside of her mouth. Their tongues danced and their hands began searching again. "Don't try to fight me slut I know what you want." he said to her.

After removing her blouse and releasing her breasts from her bra Bob laid her on the bed. Dropping his pants he revealed a 7-inch cock that was as fat as her fist.

Pulling her skirt and panties off Bob put the head of his cock to her pussy lips. "Is this what you want slut?" pressing it into the lips of her pussy "A nice fat cock for you pussy?"

Her brown bush was full and her lips were very puffy and pink. His cock entered her and she push into him taking it all in one motion. Bob was stroking in and out of her as she moaned and held him as close as she could to his body. "Yes that's what I want your cock inside of me" she moaned to him.

Sharon was ready for an orgasm as soon as Bob entered her. Bob would pull out as far as his head then ram back into her harder and deeper. She moaned and bucked with him. Yes, Oh Yes deeper, fuck me hard and deep, I need your cock deep inside of me."

As she turned her head she found a cock looking at her. It was long and dark with a large helmet head that was a rose color. She looked up to see Earl kneeling next to her head. She moved her head toward it and opened her mouth taking the black mans cock into her waiting mouth.

"Good girl" Earl told her "Suck my black cock and show me what a good cocksucker you are."

Everything she believed in by being a faithful wife has left her. She found herself being a slut for these strange men and enjoying every minute of it. Sucking Earl's cock as Bob was ramming her with his hard cock made her go to heights she has never before experience.

Earl was pulling his cock in and out of her mouth and she licked around his massive helmet. Licking the hole in his helmet and savoring the pre-cum as it seeped out and onto her tongue.

It wasn't long before Earl fired a wad of cum into her mouth. She liked the taste and swallowed it generously. Earl shot load after load and she swallowed it all. Surprised a man can have so much cum in one orgasm.

Bob did his best to fill her pussy with his cream.

As Bob rolled off her John took his place.

John was her son's age and she felt a bit disgusted with herself until he shoved his cock deep into her.

Mauling her tits and twisting her nipples John rode her like a wild stallion.

Paul kneeling beside her was edging John on. "Fuck her John fill that married pussy with you hot cum."

John pumped harder and harder making her moan and buck back meeting his every thrust.

She had orgasm after orgasm as he pounded into her. John fucked her far longer than the others then rolled her over keeping his cock inside of her.

She was now sitting on his cock. She rocked on top of him as he was squeezing her tits and pulling hard on her nipples.

Oh she just loved to be treated so rough and so much like a whore.

She yelled to him, " Fuck me good and fill me up with your cum."

He did, he came so much it was running out of her like a faucet.

She rolled off of John and put her hands down to her pussy. Her fingers were catching his cum as it ran from her. She put her fingers to her lips and licked his cum clean from her hands.

He tasted fresh and youthful. Closing her eyes all she thought about was she wanted more.

Paul moved over to her and rolled her onto her belly. Spreading her legs he pushed his cock to her butt and spread her cheeks.

"No!" she protested.

But as usual Paul disregarded her plea. Pulling her hips up so her ass was high in the air Paul spread her cheeks with his fingers. Her asshole puckered out to him.

Again she pleaded but again ignored "Quite slut and take my cock into your ass." "You know you will love it"

Sharon twisted and tried to move away but Paul was too strong and put his cock against her hole.

"Hold on Bitch and take this cock."

Sharon was afraid for her life now. She never had anal sex and knew Paul would rip her open if he tried to push it inside of her. Fear stricken she yelled "Please don't I will do anything but not that."

"Fuck her Paul, fuck her ass," the others cheered him on.

Paul pushed in until his head passed the rubbery ring of her ass hole. She screamed in pain and he pushed in more.

"No please no more your killing me." she yelled.

Paul pulled back then rammed her again. "Half way in" he said.

"No more please" she was yelling.

With that Paul rammed it all the way until his balls hit her flesh.

She cried out in pain "Oh my God you're killing me."

Paul began to stroke in and out of her. The pain started to go away then pure pleasure ran through her body.

She was rocking with the motion of Paul fucking her ass. With every stroke she moved back into him.

As Paul was fucking her ass the others were pulling and mauling her tits. John had her clit and was finger fucking her pussy. He can feel Paul's cock through the thin walls of her cunt.

Sharon had orgasm after orgasm as Paul and John brought her to the best climaxes of her life.

Bob was ready for more with a new erection. Wasting no time he put his cock to her mouth.

She took it without hesitation and sucked him like a pro.

Paul's body was jerking and getting tense as he started to shoot load after load into her ass.

She can feel her ass being filled with hot cum; then Bob reach his climax and shot wads of cum deep into her throat.

She was exhausted and collapsed on her belly as both Bob and Paul withdrew their cocks from the unfaithful slut wife.

After a short rest Sharon cleaned herself up dressed and left the suite.

How will she survive at home in a small town now that she has changed?

Sharon felt so good about herself when she boarded the plane. What has she missed all these years?

Will she ever make up for lost time?

Time will tell.

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