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Erotic Home Spa

Erotic Home Spa

Believe it or not, home spa like bathing can be an integral part of your sexuality. As a relaxation technique, it can’t be beat, and it’s something that you can do to substitute the high priced day or resort spas that exist out there. Let’s face it; most spas treatments are somewhat sensual when you look at them. Massage, facials, aromatherapies, hot tubs, saunas, body wraps, all have a certain degree of sexiness attached to them. Even the spas themselves, offering secluded, natural, well designed environments, sometimes replete with a myriad of candles, incense, soothing music and often times HOT attendants and therapists are a sensualists fantasy land come true. The only problem is that there aren’t too many spas around that cater to the erotic lifestyle in the United States. I have heard of a couple out in the Pacific coast region. Esalen, or Harbin hot springs (I can relate many accounts of beautiful lovemaking at Harbin which friends have seen), but none in New York City.

Those spas that do sensuality seriously are very rare indeed, and if we look here and there, the majority of establishments catering to sensual delights are usually all male or high-class brothels. This is a shame because in the great country we live in, the human body is still looked upon as something taboo and forbidden. In Europe, they are much freer with the body, and massage therapists are less likely to drape the human body during massage, or react negatively, when a client gets aroused, has an erection, or climaxes during a session.

Although American spas are a bit of a tease, disrobing completely with your therapist, or sharing a tub with your significant other, is something that is taboo. Therefore, to supplement your meditation, sensual, sexual, poly/swing or masturbatory practice, I have added some suggestions on creating the perfect spa in ones own bathroom. Now you can make your own bathroom into a virtual palace of sensory pleasures with a little bit of effort, creativity, and an investment of a few dollars here and there.

The following suggestions have been collected from experience, Internet articles, friends, and e-mails that have been sent to me by others who follow in the sensual holistic path. Enjoy them, and remember, one doesn’t need to be a rich super star to partake in the healthful delights only given at the high priced spas. Basically you need some candles, essential oils, organic soaps, soft music, and a warm and clean bathroom where you won’t be disturbed.


Turn off the lights, get your candles ready, and light some incense. Create your own bath oil by purchasing sunflower oil or sweet almond oil and pour it into decorative containers. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and pour into your tub.

No money for a cleansing colonic? Go to your local drug store and purchase a couple of do it yourself Fleet enemas. Easy and painless, and it will clean you out leaving you feeling better for a couple of bucks.

Make a magic facial mask. Almost anything on your face makes a great mask. Even semen which contains sperm and therefore a high amount of nutrients can be great. Only for the open minded. Before AIDS women in Europe were known to give themselves “facials” and masks with their lovers ejaculate. I know, it sounds a bit gross, but trust me, it works. I try to give myself a “cum” mask one about every week or two. My loving husband is always eager to do this for me. A little goes a long way, and the organic living things found within the semen makes my face smooth and radiant. Please only do this with those that you know, or those that you have an intimate sexual relationship with.

If you are not inclined go the semen mask way, then the following mask suggestions will work just fine. For dry skin, use mash avocados or bananas. For blemished skin, an egg white and honey mask will take out impurities. The other two are mashed papaya (papaya contains an enzyme to exfoliate and heal blemished skin) or tomato, which is a mild astringent to refine pores (be sure to drain juice and seeds before mashing).

The egg white and honey mask was hard to wash off, even after steaming. It did, however, make my skin feel taut when it dried. The avocado was perfect, but a little slimy - same for the papaya. The tomato was somewhat messy. My skin was definitely softer after all those masks! I liked the papaya the best because it smelled so good, but the semen mask was great on the skin overall!

For soothing bath salts, mix sea salts or kosher salts with several drops of fragrant oil. Pour liberally into your tub water. Lay back and relax! Light a candle, masturbate if you want. Attach an inflatable terry cloth pillow to the wall behind the tub. Have a generous supply of plush towels ready and waiting. The bath sheet size are especially luxurious Or wrap your self in a generous thick robe to dry. If you're giving yourself a body treatment, have a back brush, loofah or sponge. Keep all supplies close at hand: cotton balls or swabs, washcloth, comb and brush, magnifying mirror, hair clip, tweezers, shower cap, vibrators, dildos, or personal lubricants.

To make matching aromatic candles, add your essential oils into melted beeswax and pour into a glass container. Place in the wick and let it harden.

For itchy irritated skin, try the oatmeal remedy. Place plain oatmeal into a cut of cheesecloth. Secure the top, tie a sash and you are ready to go.

Spa Baths. Get the full spa treatment in your own tub by adding just a few ingredients. Suspend a few chamomile tea bags in gauze or cheesecloth under the faucet and let warm water run over them. I like to cut an orange into thin slices and float it in the water for added aromatherapy benefits.

To soothe achy muscles, use Epson salts in place of oatmeal, add a few drops of essential oils, and pour into hot water. To soothe achy muscles, use Epsom salts in place of oatmeal, add a few drops of essential oils, and pour into hot water. Homemade bubble bath can be made by combining, 1 cup of soap flakes, 1 cup of water, 3 TB of glycerin and 3 drops of essential oils. Mix and store in an attractive container. For soap flakes (for making bubble bath) use a grater and chip off flakes from your favorite scented soap.

To add to your spa, keep plenty of scented soaps, face masks, 100% cotton towels and nylon meshed puff washcloths. Pat yourself dry, wrap up in your towels, and cover your skin with moisturizing lotions scented to match your bath scents. Turn on relaxing music and make a hot cup of herbal tea to sip on while bathing. Wine or champagne is also an excellent spa like drink. Mulled wine, or hot toddies are also excellent during winter months. Some Kava Kava, or Valerian root pills are also excellent to relax. Keeping your mixtures in a pretty container such as a crystal covered dish or tea cup, enhances the luxury of the experience.

Always remember that one doesn’t need a real hot tub. Just fill the tub with somewhat hot water (not too hot ‒ you can burn) and use your creativity with oils, and other organic substances.

A vigorous towel down after the bath can be very stimulating. It’s even better if some else does it for you! After this you can masturbate, make love, or simply wrap yourself in a lovely soft robe, drink tea, or take a relaxing cap nap.

The most important thing is to relax, be creative, and have fun! It your life, make it an erotic work of art!

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