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story- from heather

He knew she felt unsatisfied as a woman.

Not dissatisfied with life, merely unsatisfied in ways
he planned to fix.

Her sex drive had amazed and frightened her as it grew
to a fever pitch occasionally giving full rein to it
on the phone with him, even though such filthy
behavior would earn her the scorn of her peers. But
even earnestly fucking herself as he talked dirty and
stroked his cock seemed a worthwhile alternative to a
life of random and meaningless promiscuity. Strongly
worded, lusty calls that would make her feel dirty and
cheap, but calls that often lead to shattering orgasms
all the same.

Could it be that she longed to feel this way? Like
someone’s fuck toy? She tried to submerge her growing
frustration in frenzied activity of all types except
sex. She had no way of knowing how wrong she was in
feeling like he may loose interest should some boy to
put his dick in her to fuck the burning desire away if
only for one night. Indeed, she should have taken a
lover long ago and teased him with tales of her
naughtiness. Instead she chose to satisfy the
quivering thighs through extended masturbation
sessions and using a toy that echoed the contours of
her ex-coworker.

She would retreat to the cool dark recesses of her
room after parting the curtains slightly just in case
someone should happen by and lay languidly, as if in
the presence of her invisible lover. She would
sometimes wear clothes that she knew would please him;
a skirt covering her legs only to mid-thigh, simple
white panties underneath, matching knee high socks and
a button down, collared shirt with no bra. Filling her
mouth with her toy she would remove her clothing,
piece by piece, reveling in the physical sensation as
cloth slid across her body, with every stitch she
flung to the floor moving inexorably closer to a state
of total nudity. She would pause for a moment,
surveying her body critically as he might, pinching
her nipples until they swelled red, reaching
underneath to spread her ass slightly on the bed so
that she would be better displayed after spreading her
lips open with two fingers. Feeling the wetness there,
dripping out of her and down onto her ass, she knew he
would be pleased and would then slowly slide the toy
into her body.

As her fingers flutter over the mound that swelled
between her spread legs, the dampness and seemed to
swirl upwards onto her fingers urging theem to rub the
clit he longed to lick. Her breathing increases and
she begins to feel slightly dizzy as she stretches
luxuriantly as if priming herself for what is to come.
Her hands move over her entire body now taking turns
sliding the toy in and out, feeling the nipples of her
generous breasts once again harden. Teasing the
phantom who studies her actions, she lifts her head
and puts a hand beneath her right breast, pushing it
upward to her mouth. Closing her own teeth down gently
around the nipple she experiences a thrill throughout
her body which seems to emanate from the slight pain
and is echoed in her pulsing sex. She continues to
annoy her right nipple with her mouth while at the
same time she reaches her left hand down between her
legs, realizing she has pushed her toy out so it rests
against her hole. Pausing to run her hand over the
slick, clean shaven lips, she wonders if he would
approve ‒ if his cock would swell even further as he
stroked it, kneeling between her legs. Would she look
like the girl he so often dreamed of, legs spread
sucking her own nipple? Did she shave it close enough
for him? She parts the lips of her sex with two
fingers and places a third between them before diving
deeply into her soaking wet folds.

Watching her unashamed display hidden away behind the
curtains she had so recently parted, he strokes his
rigid cock. Wrapping one hand around his balls,
working the entire length up and down with the other
he marvels at how hot she looks. Hardly able to
contain himself he steps out of his pants and slides
out into the shadows of her room, moving silently
towards the bed. Staying in the darkness he eases up
along side her face on the night side of her bed and
squeezes the base of his hard-on until his own wetness
rolls along its underside. Seeing her suck her own
nipple would be enough to send him over the edge on
most nights, but most nights he was alone, not
standing above her in the dark. Watching as her breast
falls from her lips and her head relaxes, eyes closed,
onto the pillow he is amazed how she slips her thumb
over her clit while driving the dildo into her sex.
Silently jerking off over her face now he lens towards
the foot of the bed just enough to be amazed by the
fingers of her other hand curving up from behind,
between the cheeks of her luscious ass where they seek
out her other opening. The 3 fingers that circle her
ass are laid flat, side by side as they push upwards,
causing him to smile and think “Good girl. Just like I
asked you to do.”

Underneath the rock hard cock he strokes, she longs to
know if he would like what her hands now did to her
body. Would he want her to push harder into the
tightness of her bottom? A spasm runs through her body
as she ponders if he would reach down and push her
fingers up inside of it. He inches his dick closer to
her waiting mouth. She now felt as if she needed be
pierced by her long distance lover, to have her sex
body assaulted, her femininity treated with contempt,
to have his cock in any hole, but knows it to be a
vain hope since he is hundreds of miles away. Almost
to the point of not being able to lean any further he
touches the very tip of his dick to her lower lip,
just enough to leave a smear on it as he pulls back ‒
she not even noticing. Her probing fingers spread her
ass open just enough to burn slightly as the movements
of her dildo hand cause a vibration deep inside her
body. She feels her wetness increase as her pulse
quickens further and a lone finger slides upwards and
inside. He cannot last any longer being silent.

“Don’t move.” His voice splits her reverie like a peal
of thunder.

Terrified that she has imagined it, she keeps her eyes
closed and whispers “Please….” without even pulling
her fingers out of her ass, or slowing the clitoral
massage with her thumb.

She fantasizes that someone else is doing this to her.
Someone who despite her fantasized pleas, refuses to
stop drilling his fingers deeper up her stinging ass.
Someone who would be aroused by her cries as well as
her own arousal which was at that very moment bringing
her rapidly closer to the edge of the precipice she
longs to drop from.

Without warning he fluidly presses his cock into her
mouth commanding “Open wide ‒ you dirty little bitch.”
He feels her throat tightening around it, momentary
panic sweeps through her body and he pushes deeper
into her face, reaching around for her long, flowing
hair to pull her close.

Her eyes slam open, hands swiftly moving up to her
face, half heartedly trying to push the intruder away.
But in the same instant he slides it to the back of
her throat saying “Don’t worry ‒ and for god sake
don’t bite ‒ it’s me.” The sound of his
voice and feel of his fingers that now slammed into
her cunt helped counter her urge to choke. The
realization that she was enjoying the way he used her
hair to forcefully move her head up and down his dick
sent earthquakes through her body. Her recently
imagined pleas turn into involuntary moans of pleasure
and the occasional squeal of suffocation as she races
toward her first conclusion. He fingers her labia,
clit and ass as she tries to breathe in short pants
around his slow thrusts and as he forces two of her
own fingers back into her ass she begins to come

Now straddling her chest he smiles down into her eyes,
fingering her as he holds his cock steady, half way in
her mouth. “Now, I bet you liked that, right?” She
nods weakly, swirling her tongue around his head.
“Good. I am happy to hear that, but…” inching further
into her mouth and opening three fingers inside her
tender hole, “I bet you feel like a dirty girl now,
don’t you. Laying here with a man shoving his cock in
your mouth, spreading your cunt wide open making you
finger your own butt.”

She gasps for air as he quickly pulls out, allowing
her to breath freely at last and fire glints within
her eyes. He feels her fingers move against his own as
she attempts to pull them out of her ass, but he
quickly slips out of her to ensure they stay by
pushing them nearly all the way in. “Don’t even think
about talking or trying to pull your control shit on
me yet. Don't you get it? Acting like such a
were a dirty little you need to make up
for it. You are mine until I say otherwise,

He takes off his shirt and slides over her knees and
down between her legs. Fascinated by this beautiful
woman before him, doing things he knew must be
uncomfortable just to please him he taunts "Does it
feel funny? Doing this to yourself?"

The steely glare she shoots back at him, staring down
over her trembling body would have been more effective
if she had not blushed so deeply.

His tongue traces the line of her hand as it turns to
finger and plunges into her body, and gently kisses
the exact spot where they meet before moving upwards
to her clit. Pulling back only a few inches he orders
"Slowly....take the fingers out of your ass...slowly."

"Good girl! Now, turn your ass over and get up on your
knees and spread your legs. Better make sure your cunt
is wide open or you might get more than a finger up
the other way. Stick that dildo in it, just to be sure
I am aiming for the right hole." Hunched over on the
bed, she reaches down between her legs and obediently
slides her toy all the way in. She feels her hand
being pushed away and she feels humiliated, ass in the
air with that thing inside of, she feels
humiliated more because of the amount of wetness that
she can feel running down her thighs as he moves
closer like a predator.

Twisting the rubber dick inside of her, he licks her
as and says "You've been acting like a bitch in heat,
now you get fucked like one."

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