how do they do it??  

Bob101274 43M
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6/22/2005 10:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

how do they do it??

Ok, I'm looking for advice. Just got back from vacation and a woman I've also had a crush on is now single. What does a guy do to end up in a relationship with a woman? I've had relationships, but none much longer than a few months. Where do those lasting ones come from? The ones where people fall in love for years or at least a year or two??

I've never found that kind of connection. Do I need psychiatric help?

LeEnchantress 56F

6/23/2005 12:01 am

No.. but you might want to rent a time machine Bob.. I don't know what is going on lately but very few people seem to want to be in any kind of relationship... even for a few months.. They all want to hook up.. it seems.. then move on.. hook up and move on...
Whatever happened to love? i guess the no strings thing.. and friends with benefits or casual sex thing sort of killed that..
A shame .. Love is such a lovely thing.. Even better when mixed with sex.
Yes.. serve me Love stirred over a Cold glass of Sex anytime.. Whoppee!!

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