Sunday and Football  

Bluesguy1962 55M
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9/10/2006 9:31 pm
Sunday and Football

Today was a relaxing day...Watched the first game laying around the house, and then around 4 got up with my Brother and we went to the Varsity Ale House and watched some games there..Had a blast..Met the owner whose wife had been at the Blues Festival this weekend..Bill was still pumped up about the good time he had..this is his second year making it and he really loves the festival...Others in attendance were Albert, Lou (who was getting ragged about being henpecked by his latest woman and never wanting to be alone), Jose and Linda, Missy who is nursing a motorcycle injury, Carlos - the associate pastor from Orange Grove and some others...Later in the evening Cayenne was rocking some Reggae and he told me I was a stronger man than him for being diplomatic with Edith....even though I wasn't that diplomatic when I made the crack about not keeping me down on Friday that Dianne referred to on Saturday.....Oh well like I told Uchenna I am determined to make it in, even in this difficult game of Entertainment..SMILE....Oh well need to get some rest, I need to be up in about four hours or so to go tutor some young ones....By the way hope the Vikings do well tomorrow...Still a Viking fan at heart..SMILE..Oh yeah it was fun reflecting on Malik's encounters at Talk of the Town, me trying to come to his rescue when he was the sole fan for Arkansas on Duke's campus when they played them and was instigating, and Linda reflected on a time she had with Malik as well and of course there was good discussion about movies and TV shows, among them the Wire, CSI, The Shield, ATL, and others...........We also remembered Malik and Al coming to help me bounce Bill out of the Apt. because he was doing some drug stuff..Oh well, enough rambling, I will catch up on more tomorrow....

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