Monday Morning Slowness  

Bluesguy1962 56M
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9/11/2006 5:41 pm
Monday Morning Slowness

After a heavy weekend with the Blues Festival and watching Football with my brother and his crew and not getting much sleep, definitely got off to a slow start this morning but still did relatively well in the tutoring of the two young men at Southwest..One of them had some interesting parenting, his parents had let him last night watch all of the Scary Movies series.....and one of them was pumped up about his victory in Pee-Wee Ball....Stopped by the Arts Council and talked to Beautina and Lois about thier experiences at the Ball Park..Lois said it wasn't worth the hassles is why we took us getting a percentage of the sales out of the CD sales, particularly wasn't worth the hassles to our financial people.....Beautina was still raving about the food we provide for our sponsors and artistic types and stuff.......Saw Parrish and Mary briefly at the Arts Council preparing for Centerfest which by the way Lois wants to volunteer for in addition to the Beer Fest....Also stopped by Liberty Arts and talked to that staff including Jennifer Collins.....Apparently the Central Park event went nicely.....Jennifer and me were talking about Margaret isn't going to rock any boats and that's the only job she has had since college and how Ellen will go overboard in supporting her friends and folks.....Also we talked about Sherry is really messing things up over there and How Bill Kalkoff is fighting to have some of the funding cut off...Also stopped by Scrap Exchange and talked to Ann and Juliet..They had a tour of kids checking out the Georges Rousse installation that is coming up, and Ann said she had been outside listening, doing the "Family Circle" Thing.....Also saw Chris and he was talking about how much he enjoyed himself at the Blues Festival and the young kid in the Clayton Miller band who has performed and will perform again with Stevie Wonder and also how much he loves the way all races - black and white - gather and have fun at the Festival..He told about joking with the Mayor about setting an example and getting rid of the little red cup....Just saw Valeria and we are still working on getting some music for West Village for October here ...and she said yesterday how everyone wants me to the prime announcer at the Blues Festival..SMILE.......Rev. Kenney who stopped by earlier said he had a good time as well...SMILE.....Right now getting ready to stop by the Bar at the Marriott and watch some Football..Right now in Fantasy down by 5 points in a close game....

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