Hip Hop In The Gaming World  

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9/3/2006 9:39 pm
Hip Hop In The Gaming World

Yes folks the world of Hip Hop is spreading into all kinds of unusual places, even the world of board games..here is the latest....
September 1, 2006

Jeffrey ("Jeff") McGill
gameologist01@ 456productions. com


Bling Bling Board Game

Atlantic City, NJ (BlackNews.com) - BLING BLING 2002(TM), a new board game based on Hip Hop's favorite dice game, C-LO, has been introduced to the market by The Gameologist Group LLC and 456 Productions. com, two Atlantic City-based, minority-owned companies. Geared to the urban youth market, the game capitalizes on the notoriety of C-LO, which has been played in music videos of such Hip Hop and R&B stars as Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, Nas, Cameron and many others.

BLING BLING includes a sound track and a documentary DVD with tracks which are exclusive to the game, together with interviews by Hip Hop artists, including Nu Jersey Devil, DJ Envy, Jim Jones, Sam Scarfo, Riz, DJ Fah, Black Rob, Big Smoke and The King of Kings, among others.

The Hip Hop community has been quick to react. Def Jam artist Sam Scarfo said, "This game is definitely for the Hustlers."; Black Wall Street artist Nu Jersey Devil commented, "It's one of the hottest games I've ever played."; Bad Boy artist Black Rob exclaimed, "What? That's crazy! I won mad money playing C-LO. Make sure I get a board game!"; Universal Recording artist Merlino said, "The hood is going to love you for this!"; and Dipset's Jim Jones quipped, "C-LO on a board game is a beautiful thing!"

Players become adventurers in an inner city setting, trying to gather up as much money and property as possible in the 30 to 60 minutes that it takes to play. Using the popular C-LO game play to move on the board and accumulate cash and property with which to erect urban city projects, players encounter ups and downs in the process of their turn. They can win or lose money, move their playing piece to "The Bank Statement," or play "C-LO Heads Up" with the Bank for cash or land on "Now Whut?" and find their fate in the unfortunate and sometimes hilarious inner city "hoods." The player that acquires most of the cash and property, is crowned "Ultimate Hustler," a title which brings with it opportunities for bragging and "talking trash."

"The timing is right to introduce the BLING BLING 2002(TM) line of games to mainstream audiences," said CEO Jeff McGill, a/k/a SMOKE. "BLING BLING is a game that the inner city demographic can relate to: the lingo, the situations, the pit falls and the come ups," he continued. Intended for two to eight players, the board game is the "Ultimate Hustler's game," according to McGill, who said that the new release is subtitled, "Part 1, The Takeover," and that it is the first in a series of Hip Hop games planned for release in 2006.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the all games will be donated to The Gameologist Group Community Trust, and the funds distributed to non-profit groups which provide assistance to inner city residents of metropolitan Atlantic City.

The Gameologist Group, LLC is a minority-owned game development company that creates and designs games, including casino slot machines, casino table games, board games, lottery card games and video games, most of which are Hip Hop-inspired. The Gameologist Group LLC is developing a BLING BLING scratch off Lottery card to be released soon. For further information, contact CEO Jeff McGill 609-553-7979 or visit www.456productions. com

Visitors to 456productions. com can play a free BLING BLING slot machine game by clicking on the Gameologist Group link; On the slot machine click on "MAX BET",and press "SPIN."

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