We haven't been on much...  

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10/5/2005 10:18 am

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We haven't been on much...

Its amazing how in the very beginning, we were on several times a day, eager to get our first look, first wink, first e-mail, and so on. We've met some very wonderful couples but haven't had a chance to do anything yet. Now, we just chat a lot on the computer, all too tired to do anything. Its always something, you know?

School, work, kids, and so on. I started a new diet nad work-out. I'm reshaping my entire house, taking care of my son, going to school double time next quarter and trying to find a career working in the feild I LOVE so much. Art, animation, graphic and web design. I've fallen deeply in love with the Dreamweaver series...

So, why does it feel like there just any time for anything. I mean, I volunteer now at the train museum with him, Sundays I almost always have SOMETHING to do... Geesh! What I need is a vacation. Take 2 nights where I do nothing but what I want to do and not what everyone else wants to do.

I finally have a driver's lisence nad a car and now I have need some Money. Actually, I always need money. More than anything right now. I would like there to be something to look forward to besides getting laid when he can come over and that breif break when I'm running. *sigh* Back to work! Though, a job right now is exaclty what I think would make things perfect. Then I could afford daycare and that means: A BREAK!

JOB JOB JOB... LOL. Any tips for having a sexy lifestyle while so busy?

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