so f-ing tired-saturday  

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7/31/2005 8:50 pm

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so f-ing tired-saturday

i went to the mall like at 12 the next day with my friend. we spent like an hour there and we were beat. She hadnt slept the night before either. so we got to myhouse and slept like 2 hours and then we were off again and we went to a restaurant with some friends. I cancelled on Joseph...ugh I think we've seeing eachother too much knowing that we're not together. and then our friend called us talking about going to a techno club and we were like we wanna go (he was going by himself). so we got there it was cool...but I've been there before and it was better then. we got tired and bored so we sat down on a big couch. some guy bought me a drink...and I mean c'mon one drink wasnt going to do shit to me but man I felt so fucked up...I'm thinking he put something in it.

then we left and our friend wanted to eat he gets like hungry when he gets drunk...he was soooo fuckin drunk. hahaha it was funny like both of us were acting a fool. at the restaurant we saw people from hs. the HOTTT guy that i had a crush on senior year but didnt have the guts to talk to, his new gf (my x-best friend), and other ppl from my former crew. it was could tell I was fucked up and people were staring. I didnt give a damn...I decided to sit far from them in the smoking section. I didnt want him to see me fucked up...besides my drunk friend kept on kissing me and telling me that he loved me hahahah.

on the way friend Danny* called. and he noticed that I was fucked up...he should know hes an expert on that kind of shit. and he tried to take advantage of the situation he was like what are you wearing? youre a dirty little girl arent you? and all this bull hahahah I KNEW IT! I knew he wanted to do me!!

so i ended getting home at 6 am...

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