That was fun  

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9/28/2005 4:53 pm

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That was fun

I talked to Bob yesterday...I dunno why but I had a lot of fun talking to him... And then I ended up telling stuff that only Andrew knows about...I have no idea why I opened up to him...I'm weirded out...

We hung up at around 4 and I couldnt go to sleep, but just as I went to sleep I heard knock at the front was Chris...hahaha. I was like WTF? He was very upset and drunk off his ass...he was slurring and I didnt understand half the shit he said. he talked worse than me and my swollen tongue. Something about some girl that didn't want him, that she had another man...I dunno what the fuck he was talking about. I told him to chill for a while, so that i could take a shower. When I came back he had passed out on my bed...

I couldn't go to sleep, so I decided to study for my test 7 I started getting ready for class...and he wakes up and wants to throw up...I drag him to my bathroom...and he ends up throwing up on me... ahhh!!! I swear I wanted to kick his ass.

My roommate woke up, she stayed with him so that i could take a shower again... by that time it was 8 when my class starts...I couldn't leave him with my room mate she had class at 9. She helped me with him to get to his car, and I had to drive him to his apartment. I got lost...ahhh i forgot which apartment it was. so it was 930 when I got to his apartment I had enough time to get back to campus for my second class. But then he threw up again. and I wasn't going to leave him there.

I stayed in his apartment...he fell asleep and so did I. He woke up before me and took a shower. When I woke up at like 3 he was right next to me holding my hand. I felt weirded out and I jumped out the bed...hahaha it was funny.

Then he was like, "finally youre awake" and i was like, "Well you kept me up all night, made me miss class, threw up on me and hogged up my bed. I deserved to sleep" he apoligized and I asked him to take me back home. When he was driving me back home, I asked him about what he was talking to me about. And he turned red...and said to forget about it. It was akward silence the rest of the way.

I have a feeling that he might have been talking about me...but that sounds kind of shallow coming from me hahaha.

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