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1/26/2006 9:18 pm

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Not myself

So...i've been noticing that I've made a couple of changes in my life...but not my love life...thats just a mess that I dont have the energy to fix at the moment.

I've gotten on a diet...yes! a DIET! Its run pretty smoothly...I dont get hungry and for the first time I've actually stuck by the diet for more than a 1/2 a well Who knows if this will work, but I'm feeling a bit optimistic. Its been 5 days and counting. I didnt weigh myself when this started...but the way I see it is that you dont really see results unless your pants fall off or something. i weighed myself yesterday and I weigh 10 lbs less than the time I went to the doc. I've gone to the gym everyday since last wednesday...which is astonishing. I havent slept during the day as much...which is even MORE astonishing cause I'm a lazy ass. hahaha.

I had my first two quizzes of the semester today. I did fairly GREAT! lol. I hate waking up so damn early...when I usually get people calling me at 12-2 am. 3 classes back to back are a killer...I probably wouldnt show up, but attendance...these people actually take attendance. I HATE politics class...the main one I have to show up to cause she takes attendance EVERYDAY. I know all the stupid class that she is talking about!!! My public school education in Government and history was more than great. I keep on nodding off in that class...its horrible!

In my history class...this girl asked the most stupidest question ever! But it seemed like not many people knew the answer to her question either. We were talking bout the Columbian Exchange and the prof said, "From the Old World to the New world small pox was brought over which killed off 90% of the population" and the girl asked, "So did the europeans die or the indians?"

I wanted to slap her...the prof had already mentioned that the Indians had never been xposed to Smallpox and that they were not immune to it...blah blah. The story goes on. Besides...its common sense if you listen to the damn CONTEXT CLUES!!! Maybe its just the arrogant tone she asked the question with bothered me. i'm going to history tutoring...which I probably don't need, but I want to get an A this semester.

So...I havent really had any...time to talk to Andrew, but I've called anyway. He hadn't answered my calls for three last night when i got out of the shower he called. He was in a pretty crappy mood. He was ass! Saying that its a man's world and that women only live in it. So I said, "You don't need me then?" And got ugly.

At this moment, I'm just fed up with him and Jack. they both want to stay with me but they dont have time for me. They both work and go to school and blah blah. Andrew started online college...but I think he's just talking to some I'm seeming a little stalker-ish, but I watch his myspace. He's on there everyday! and now some girl is his friend from up there in Washington. I dont consider this cheating (seeing Jack and Andrew)...since I'm not really communicating with any of them...much less seeing them.

Jack is just DETERMINED to stay my bf...I've already done told him like 3 times that we should just call it quits. But he doesnt want to. I'm not being Bitch like I usually am...something's wrong!!! NOOO!!!

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