Last time I had sex with my fiancee pt. 2  

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6/23/2005 7:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Last time I had sex with my fiancee pt. 2

heres the rest of the story...

We were on the floor with his dick in my other little hole heh. and he says i want your pussy, and i was like no...he turned me around and lifted my legs up and slid it I could every inch of it...mmmm...I could hear the slapping noise of our bodies...He was doing me a lil' too rough and it hurt a little but it was ok (I dont like pain during sex but it was my fiancee) Anyway...we had been going at it for like 3 hours already...he never cums easily. I'm not complaining I've always loved having sex with him and maybe thats why we stayed together for so long. I was about to cum but he stopped and I was like keep going, keep going and he starts laughing at me. he drops me to the floor and gets up. I was a little confused and pretty pissed off. I was like come back here, I need you to finish. And he laughs again and says i want you to do something and I was like hummm...I dont know what is it? and he says do you trust me? and i said yes of course he says finish yoourself off...I want to watch you. I was a little surprised he had never asked me for that. And i was like are you serious? and he says do i look like it?

And i was a little weirded out...well i felt kind of shy. I had never done that in front of him, but that feeling went away quick seeing that I was really horny. I nodded my head and he was like do exactly what i say. So I did
Suck Your left tit and squeeze the other one...bite it baby
but i wanna touch my pussy Andrew*
trace your fingers on your pussy lips...yeah like that get it wet for me baby tease it. Now lick your middle finger and rub your clit.
this is when I started moaning again i could feel it all dripping down...the noise it makes turns me on even more...
slide two fingers inside your pussy
I start screaming again (i guess I'm a screamer)
slide in another one

my eyes start rolling back as I reach my point of extasy and i lay back down breathing heavily. And Andrew* kisses me and says Are you ready for more?

And we go at for 2 more hours and at the end I feel numb and weak...feeling goosebumps hehe

Thats all I'm going to say maybe this will leave a little room for imagination for the ones that are reading.

*Name has been changed

rm_rick3500 53M
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6/25/2005 12:23 pm

I'd like to join you both,sometime, and show the lady a fun time in bed if you're into that.

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