Hi Again...  

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5/2/2006 8:09 pm

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Hi Again...

Ive been sick this past week and a half...from the bad alcohol poisoning to flu that never seems to go away...and loosing my cell phone at that party...and being completly broke. lol it has been rough.

My friends came over for the weekend...and with it came a present from First love guy. It was a lil' doctor's outfit for Mark...so that he can "take care of me" lol...I thought it was so sweet.

Today I saw Chris...by himself this time. I didnt think he saw me so I just walked past him. I sat down and continued reading, "Things Fall Apart" Some guy sits beside me...and I'm thinking, "There are so many empty seats why did he have to sit beside me!" lol then the guy says, "What are you reading?" lol and I look up and its Chris...that sneaky fucker. lol...actually i should have just looked up. I smile and say, "Don't you have class? Wait should I put my guard on? where's Valerie?"
"I don't have class for the rest of the day, I just turned in my final paper. Hell if I know where valerie is"
"isn't she your gf?"
"Nah...we're not together"
"Mind if I hang out with you?"
"Not at all...but I have class and another class after this"
"I'll follow you around" ha ha

So...he was with me throughout the day. I didn't stay after my quiz in my second class...so we started walking back to my dorm and his car was on the way. He asked me what I was doin after...and I said nothing. So he invited me to his place and I was like yeah sure...

He asked, "Are you still with that short asshole?"
"Nah...we haven't been together in like almost 2 months"
"I should have kicked his ass the last time I saw him on campus"
"You saw him?"
"Yeah. I swear I would have fucked his face up"
"Calm down! you have to pick on somebody your own size"
"it would be worth it"

I felt a lil weird...so I changed the subject lol. I got sleepy...so I told him if he would take me back...he said that I should just sleep there. So I did...I was way too beat to tell him otherwise lol. He layed down with me...he told me to put my head on his chest...it was like old times.

He was telling me about how life was...and how we should hang out in the summer. I told me that he was really hurt about me choosing the short Colombian over him...I told him that I was sorry...that sometimes lust is blind lol. So...I was slowly falling into a deep sleep...he kept stroking my hair...talking and talking...lol shit i was sleepy.

I woke up at 4...I slept for a LONG ass time...1130-4...shit! he was still right there with me, asleep too. I moved and he woke up. I sat up and turned on the TV...but he turned it right off and he said he invited me over because he missed me and blah blah...so...maybe we're back in business again? lol I'm not sure.

zanzibarus 39M

5/3/2006 8:48 pm

you are always sleepy!!

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