He Freaked me out!  

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11/5/2005 7:43 pm

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He Freaked me out!

I woke up way to early this morning. 930am on a Saturday...

I ignored mostly everybody yesterday. Chris came around...complaining about why i hadn't called or met him up on campus. He was like, "i haven't heard from you in two days and you expect me to be content? Is that all you wanted?!? to have sex with me and leave me?" lol He was sounding like a chic to me hahaha. The way he was attacking me was annoying me. But if it were flipped around I'd probably think the same.

I just told him that I went to the doctor and I didnt like what I heard. I wasnt about to tell him personal details about me like that when I dont even think he would understand. He's known me for how long? i say not long enough. I havent even told my room mate who's known me for about 3 years now, longer than the first love guy, longer than Andrew, longer than my best guy friend. She's had a good life...no drama...no suffering...the only thing she's ever worried about was what she was wearing the next day. Well...Idk but I can sure bet that my 18 years on this earth have been way more eventful than her 19.

But anyway...he kept on bugging me and bugging me to tell him what the doc had said. I kept on telling him to leave it alone. but he kept on...he was talking to me with his lovey-dovey voice, "C'mon, beautiful tell me whats wrong. You know you can count on me, you can talk to me about anything" Of course when people start picking at wounds...it gets to me. I told him that I'd tell him later...and i just kissed him and told him that I promised.

I said I was sleepy...and I pretended to fall asleep so that he would leave, but he didnt he stayed with me. He just looked at me while I slept and was talking to me like if I was actually awake hahaha. He was telling me that i was a blessing to him and that he was so glad that god put me in his path. i was like gollie...I knew he liked me but not that he liked me that much. To be honest it kinda freaked me out. so i "woke up" hahaha. Seriously...wouldn't that freak you out? hahaha.

We're going to the club today...but I didnt invite him cause well...NO! i really need to get fucked up...and I dont want him around actually. I dont want anybody around...at all!!!

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