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7/24/2005 2:30 am

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So I was talking to Bob, and it turns out that he's upset. he doesnt like that I'm talking to another guy...and I seem baffled. he told me...days before that he wanted a friendly friend you know...and i dunno...i know that i probably CAN give him that but I like him more than for only that. I like Bob a lot as a matter of fact.

So I ask why is he upset with me? I havent even much mentioned that I've had sex with another guy. Why is he jealous now? I don't understand. I'm not his girl...He was all like, "oh so now you have a man huh?" And at first I thought he was bull shittin with he's only acting jealous to fuck with me. But he would have said so right? I mean he's the ass that forgot my number...I wanna be appreciated...fuck him and forgetting my number. he has no right to be mad at me cause he made it clear that he didnt want me as why is he bitching now? Now do you all see why I'm So confused and I'm not like...the one that was all up on his balls and what not????? Blaming it on me...ha!

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