Chris Vs Joseph pt 1  

BlueLovinLatina 31F
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5/17/2006 12:39 am
Chris Vs Joseph pt 1

last night Chris caught me by surprise and he called me. He said he wanted to see me so at around 3 or 4 in the morning I snuck him in through my window. lol I know its kinda kiddie but whatever. At first he was just talking to me...telling me that he's glad that we're done with this semester and away from Valerie-she's staying in San Antonio for part of the summer.

Then he was like close your eyes...and I was like huh? for what? and he was like just DO IT! and i was like ok. So I closed my eyes and then I felt his palms on my cheeks. I was laughing cause well I always laugh haha. He kissed me lightly... I could barely feel his lips against mine. he moved to the other side and kissed me again...the same way, and again and again. lol Then we stopped and I looked at my palms for a I do that when I'm nervous.

We kept on talking about random things and it was a bit awkward. Then I told him...close your eyes and DONT peek! I got off the bed and took off everything except my bra and my panties. I kissed him...but this was no peck hahaha. I got on top of him and he opened his eyes. I was about to kiss him again but he stopped me. I was like huh? WTF?

He said that it wasnt the right thing to do. That we hadn't talked in a while. And I was like...but that doesnt mean that I forgot about how much I like you. and finally I got him to agree hehe.

OMG...we had never had sex like that. It was like we both REALLY wanted it. I broke a sweat and everything. Mmm...delicious. The first couple of times I was on top...and it felt like his dick went really deep inside of if it dissapeared. lol

he was slept for a while and left after my mom left for work.

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