Shadow People  

BlueIceGargoyle 62M
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9/12/2006 5:44 am

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1/27/2010 12:51 am

Shadow People

Who are we but shadows that roam the streets like ships passing in the night. We seek for what we do not know on a level that we do not comprehend. I roam the dark moonless streets under a sky as black and empty as a void. I look and see the faces of many all different but yet the same.

I see in all that blank zombie like look.I can still read it though tis but a mask that they display for others to see for though they scream inwardly "see me" they fear what it is they seek.

Onnward they go, another day, another week, a month, then a year. Time moves on and on as I continue this journey, all the people I look at turn and hide their faces or look at me briefly.

Then it happens ...... a face turns and looks at me and smiles, and the shadow brgins to fade, so who are we ? We are all but shadows cold and without substance. We wait for that one sometimes fleeting moment when as shadows we pass another who turns and smiles and our substance grows.

Live Your Life
Thank you

The Gargoyle

___desires___ 52F

9/12/2006 6:05 am

BIG--i agree...we are just shadows passing...until...we turn and smile into the face of a new friend. the passage of time is too precious not to enjoy every moment! i'm glad we are friends--i would have a missed a good one had i not met you! Samantha

rm_jacina_n 44F
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9/12/2006 1:38 pm

Sometimes life is the shadow and we are the candle that lights the dark places.... we are each and every one of us a candle to someone Sir... sometimes its just finding the right one thats see's our flame.

delightful_imp 53F
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9/13/2006 11:57 am

We all have had those times in our lives where we see ourselves as mere shadows to completely invisible. Walking to and fro and dare not looking up for the fear of seeing how we feel mirrored in another’s eyes, yet our heart cries out someone, anyone, look at me, see me, and acknowledge the fact that I am here.

And if we allow ourselves the chance to glance up that we just might see a smile, a twinkle in their eyes or even hear a friendly hello. And smile in return that someone has acknowledged that fact that we are here and no so much a shadow we once feared we had become.

So the next time you are out rushing about here and there take just a moment to share a smile with a stranger. It may not seem much but it could mean the world to them that someone actually acknowledged the fact that they really are worth being seen.

I am not naughty, I am not naughty, I am not naughty, I am not na... Who am I kidding? Yes I am. lol.

BadAssBlonde1 58F
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9/21/2006 7:51 pm


Popping in for some love, hugs and support. See you soon darlin'

Hunter {=}

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safetydance123 52F
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2/21/2007 1:35 pm

truely in the language of physic's we are all simply energy vibrating at a diffent level. there is no real mass, no real flesh, just atoms....moving at a faster or slower speed. Creating light, color, and the perception of mass.

I know that theres a darkness with in which can almost stop these particles from the slow motion way we remember an accident. But Sir, theres angels among U/us...I feel certain. Once light & truth permeate the spirit....theres no end to the possibilities!

Thanks for being my Freind


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