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8/28/2006 10:52 pm

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I was going to write tonight about my workout from earlier this afternoon. But, that can be summed up by asking you've seen those new Nike commercials where someone runs farther than they ever have before... I had one of those moments today.

The new topic of this post, however, is Andre Agassi. This year's US Open will be his 21st, and the last tournament of his career. His opening match was tonight and though incredibly exciting -- the best description of it is to say that he escaped with a win over Romanian Andrei Pavel. Every match he now plays has the possibility of being his last, and I'd like to encourage everyone to watch at least some of him while you still can. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to a match, especially the way he and a New York crowd feed off each other, is something to behold.

I have, in a way, matured along the same timeline as Andre's career. At the beginning of his career (which started at age 16), he was most famous for his "Image Is Everything" ads. But, he didn't win. He was the Anna Kournikova of the late 80's. I was a fan.

Unlike Kournikova, however, Andre matured, dedicated himself to getting in shape, learning how to play winning tennis, respecting the game and its traditions, and also to becoming a bit of a humanitarian. In 1992 the transformation was complete and he won Wimbledon, erasing the criticisms and his "image only" image. I still remember him dropping to his knees when he won. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so genuinely appreciative, gracious and humbled by winning something. I was a fan.

In 1999, he won the French Open and became only the 5th male player (I think) ever to have won all four majors. I was a fan.

But, now we're at the end of an era. Sure, there's the mastery of Roger Federer and the sublime backhand of Justine Henin-Hardenne, but no one can replace Andre. One of the many lessons I've learned from his life is that the only appreciation worth having is that which comes when you don't demand it. And that's no small thing. Greatness through humility.

So, I'll be watching every one of his last matches that I can. Hoping for that fairy tale ending to a career, but knowing that he doesn't need to win to prove his worth. Funny how that works.


Addy19742 44F

8/29/2006 4:51 am

I missed it! I loveeeee to play tennis. Have my whole life. I will never forget when Andre wore his long hair, earring, and white outfit with color for Wimbledon. Thanks for reminding me.

BlueCanary1575 replies on 8/29/2006 9:33 pm:
Fortunately, you've got at least ne more chance. Funny thing is, I didn't start playing tennis until a few years ago.

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8/29/2006 10:25 pm

I love the open. Of all the grand slams it has an air of excitement the other's don't for me. This years should be doubly that. I'm glad someone else is marking the occasion. Hugs to you Andy.


marathonman45202 54M
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9/1/2006 9:29 am

I completely agree with you about Andre! I had the great pleasure of being at Cincinnati's ATP final match (2004) when he beat Hewitt. I have long admired Agassi, and it was a thrill to watch him play in person. Upon graciously accepting his trophy, he commented that he had a great time in Cincinnati, but that all he wanted at that moment was to get home to his children.

He is an incredible athlete, and a better human being!

p.s. His reaction after winning Wimbledon is indelibly marked on my brain. It was cool!

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