Greg (Blue12eyes)27/05/1965 - 25/05/2006 R.I.P.  

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Greg (Blue12eyes)27/05/1965 - 25/05/2006 R.I.P.

Hi my name is Peter I am a very good friend of the late Greg (Blue12Eyes)from this site who sadly died as the result of an accident yesterday 25/05/06 . I am left with the task of writing something here for his friends on-line something that he bestowed on me a while back when he was ill. So I am fulfilling his wish . I will write what he had given me last Christmas .

Hello all you lovely people on AdultFriendFinder. To my friends a big kiss and a hug . I suppose if this is been put up on the site my time on this planet has come to an end . As this is Christmas time now I am faced with a challenge ahead . When faced with challenges I take them as they come and fight till the bitter end but if I come through this it will give me the belief that there really is a god up there if not well it is what I will have believed all along . To see my family ripped apart by illness is very hard to take on board . My twin died from cancer , my sister and my mom and now its my turn . I suppose when something is set out for you you have to take it as it comes and I have not laid down on that score but will take it on the chin and be counted as one .
To the friends I have met on AdultFriendFinder you are the best ( Sula , LadyJim , Mimi , Gata , Silky , BBW , BelfastBound , Stiff , Mac , Sassy , Dubchick , ) If I have left anyone out sorry please include yourself as my friend. I have had some good fun online the craic was good the comments the jokes I think we had some good times there don’t you think. I don’t have a lot more to say just things running through my head here . To all I say farewell and hopefully we will meet in the next life if there is such a thing .

That is what i was given to write . In the end he did beat the illness and was back to his wacky self again and I mean that in a good way . When you know someone as long as I have known Greg you never want them to go but life as it is takes the best too soon . he will be sorely missed by all who knew him as he was always there to help people when needed. His sons will miss him so much they were the world to him , the other people that were close to him in his life over the last year spare a thought for them the names I will not mention .

What can I say about this guy well when the made him they broke the mould . he was the most kind hearted and down to earth person one could ever know . His passion was his boys and his cars and his music . His wacky sense of humour will be missed greatly.

I have posted pictures on the site for all to remember him by one in particular is of the car he loved to push to the limit when he was rallying and alas the car in which took his life in what can only be described a freak accident .
His funeral is private family only . So to all the people out there please respect his wish
After one month I will close his profile from the site .

Remember Greg (Blue12Eyes) 27/05/1965 ‒ 25/05/2006
Take care my friend R.I.P.

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