Mutual pleasure  

BlondieEuro 54F
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5/12/2006 5:48 pm
Mutual pleasure

How many of us understand the true concept of Mutual Pleasure. Is it in the touching fondling and passionate kisses why folding outselves in the arms of another. The actual giving and receiving of oral sex. Or the actual aaact of the shared intercourse, where the male penetrates the very being of a womans venus. Well only some people really grasp the concept. My concept is that it is all of these and if you have a man and a woman together with another woman coming into the equation, well the carressing touching feeling, passionate kisses, and mutual oral and intercourse is just so much more exciting and pleasureable. Due to the fact that all parties are enfolding themselves within each other. Exlploring every possible erroginous (hope I spelt that right) that a person can have. The softness of a womans body and touch at the same time the hardness of a man, is to me the most exciting union of body and erotica that I have ever encounted. One on there own just does not fulfill the actual pleasure zone that is within me. One person on there own being it either male or female does not satisfy the overall pleasure and sexual fulfilment that I desire and find most pleasureable. So what do you think? Have your been there before? and it so was it a exciting fulfilling place to be heightening the euphoria and the erotic emagination. BlondieXX

sorin_ro 37

2/26/2007 4:25 am

I love to give pleasure to woman
lovely boobs!

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