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7/17/2006 9:13 am

Walking down the city street, its about 2 am in the morning, theres not many people around on this street. The winter has now set in, and the rain has stedied to a fine mist. As I walk alone seeing the neon lights shining on the side walk, as the wetness creates a mirror image, of the lights, turning the paveway into a shiny neon walk way.
I am alone, its a bit cold, so I wore my long black over-coat, covering a very exotic evening dress underneath, which is fairly low-cut, hiding the beauty of my voluptuous full breasts.
Walking alone I think to myself, here I am alone, walking, wondering what everyone else is up to tonight.
Thinking of all the possiblities, the opportunities, which have crossed my path.
Relishing in the quiet, cold, wetness of the streets. Such, a place of solitute, alone on a wett winters day, walking the city streets, no one in sight, enjoying the neon lights.
Reminisering in the solitude, that has been my life for a number of years. However, its quite amazing to me that a person who gives so much to others, would find so much peace in being a person who loves and breathes aloness.
I mean there must be millions of people all over the world, who tonight as I walk these city streets, are alone, acking within themselves to have another person there. Someone to hold, speak to, caress, pour their affections upon. Even though I can be a person of great affection, zealous, and love to be with people and know everything about them. I have this need to be free, unencumbered, not-attached emotionallty, or spend long periods of time with others.
Call it unusual, however I need the breath of Solitude to feel at peace with myself.
The possiblity is that I expend too much of my energies upon the need to see others in there entirity, and to relish in knowing everything, they have to share with me, that brings me to exhaust myself, with given engeries, that I cannot allow myself to receive, and be filled. I need to fill my self, To re-engergise myself, for not wanting to or needing to take from others, to make me strong, secure, and to have the feeling of being complete.

Man, am I going through some touchy, feely, stuff at the moment. Sitting here laughing to myself. My mother told me that I live my life as if every-day I am on a holiday.

HOLIDAY, I SHALL, and if you want to cum along for the ride, dont hesitate to get in touch with me. BLONDIES PARTY.

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