Blondies Back!  

BlondieEuro 54F
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5/19/2006 10:20 pm
Blondies Back!

Well guess what I worked out how to post a picture on line. If nothing else, Im getting a lot of computer experience by being on this chat line. Ha Ha. I am sick of hearing these people who are going on about being skinny. What does being skinny mean, well fist off No Boobs! I mean do you really like to play with a girl with no Boobs! Okay they got a great arse. But do they have the cushion for the pushen! I mean I have a bit of meat on me and I try to be as upfront about if as I can. Hence if you look at my pic you wont be altogether disappointed. I mean to say Ive been on a diet for 10 years (maybe all my life) and lost 2 stone in that period of time. Was life meant to be this hard. You probably would prefer to hear about my sexual encounters, rather than this but Im gonna tell you anyway. I read one blog the other day and this 24ish young apparently Phd. was going on about girls who are voluptous. Well obviously hes young and has a lot to learn about life and the realities. Well anyway I just wanted to say because Im not twiggy doesnt mean I havent enjoyed my sexuality and HORAH! HORAH! to the people who are accepting of all people as people and for who they are, rather than what profilee they fit into to satify their own ego. However I must admit I do like a man who works out a bit, but not restricted to that! Just a phase Im going through at the moment. So dont forget to Enjoy what ever you do and try to take people for who they are and not what they can give you. Blondie

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