Does anyone feel like I do?  

Blondehotasfuk 36F
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6/11/2005 7:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does anyone feel like I do?

The vast majority of people out there are...? What do you think people are good or bad? Right or wrong? Do you think that there is a big grey area? How do you feel about the stats on people who do drugs? on victims of , molest, theft? Or most importantly have you ever been the victim of mind games? Has anyone ever tried to destroy you? Tried to take you down to such a level that you consider ending your miserable existance? I think that everyone is hell of screwed up in the head and they should all go and get F(*^ed....!

I think that this world is full of some of the most ugly things and people just refuse to see them. I think that people like to step up onto thier soapboxes and preach to the world about what they think is wrong when they have never been in the situations that would bring people to doing, being, saying, acting the way that they do. I think that it's a sad truth but most everyone is the victim of something and more than likely a victim of several things. I think that not enough people pull together and support each other. I think that families are too easily broken apart. I think that married people don't try hard enough. I think that sex is a drug most of us are addicted to. I think that trying sucks because it means that you are not actually doing you are mearly making excuses. I think that a lot of us feel like we are so different from everyone else that surely no one would want anything to do with us if they saw the real person inside. I think that most of us can't look in the mirror for fear that we will see the pain, guilt and anger in our eyes bleeding out of our souls. I think that we all are just floating around waiting for someone to anchor us. I think that we all are on some kind of drug and no one is willing to accept that one drug to the next it's all a coping mechanism.....I think that we all are entirely too tied up caught up or nosing into each others lifes. Poeple eaither live in the past the future or they are dead...I think that everyone wishes they were more something better person, more achieved, richer, more beautiful, more talented more noticed. I KNOW THAT PEOPLE NEED AT LEAST ONE PERSON THEY CAN DEPEND ON. I KNOW THAT PEOPLE JUST WANT TO FEEL LOVED. I KNOW THAT DESPERATION BRINGS PEOPLE TO THE MOST UNHAPPY DECISCIONS AND THAT IN THE END NO ONE EVER FEELS THAT IT'S ENOUGH AND THAT EVERYONE TAKES SOMETHING IF NOT EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED. I KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE LUCKY AND I AM NOT THAT PERSON..I AM NOT YOUR COOKIE CUTOUT DOLL. I AM NOT YOUR PUPPET. I AM A HUMAN I HAVE A NAME AND A PERSONALITY AND I AM TIRED OF THAT NOT BEING RECOGNIZED. I WANT TO CHANGE AND I DO NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL ENOUGH TO CREATE THAT CHANGE........




rm_venture12002 64M
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6/11/2005 10:28 pm

ALL PEOPLE ARE GOOD AND BAD.I've seen things humans should never see.I have also seen great kindnesses when the need was there.None of us knows what we will do in a given situation until put there.Although many think they know.I don't know you and maybe I'm reading you're post wrong, but you sound very down and I for one hope things get much better for you.I do agree on one point.Finding someone you can count on,nomatter what (that's the hard part).Finding people to entertain is easy, but they're gone when life gets in the way of the party.You're post was well thought out and right in many ways.Nobody has the fairytale life it may appear on the outside, but we all have those beautiful moments also.Many are small and overlooked.

rm_ygypsy 35M/50F

6/11/2005 10:40 pm

Ohh... Darling I feel your dispair. When is a tried and tried over again unhealthy romance and nothing more than recycling? You may get a new product but the raw materials are the same. I feel deeply for my love/partner, I need to try yet again....knowing I am being me open to an us with the present to guide me. A fool? I think not. Passion and a open partner is a rare find. Staying off the love jones is an excuse not to be in the company of ones self. We are always alone, even when we choose to share our life with another. It must not be unhealthy. You dig? big hugs!

insidestory 53M

6/11/2005 11:26 pm

Someone has tried to destyroy me - becasue it was easier for them to vent thier self hatred onto some other target than themselves - it hurt and it hurt again - nearly five years and Zi never gave up on them - when i should have - it nearly did destroy me - the debts - the humiliations - the mind fucks - and you are right - I would have preffered a physical beating to the mind games any day - I got those too - then i got blamed for being violent - thats when you kow someone is trying to destroy you - when they dish it out and isolate you enough to convince themselves and others you have the problem - I am out of this now - there is a book i recomend - its called "Walking on Eggshells" illustrates the destruction techniques very clearly -and you need to see them because they are well disguised - good luck and have copurage to face the reality that we are dark and light - but it only takes a candle to light up a dark room.xx

sbloverboy 39M

6/12/2005 2:54 am

it almost hurts to be hot in our world, i can tell your dispear is way closer to the surface than mine. maybe your more in touch with your self, maybe i havent scene the hardships you have. either way, i know that the best journey is one with friends, and thats all a guy like me or any of the other compasionate people on here. some are rude, rude, self centered and what not. others are just lonely or looking for someone special that will add positive times to an already hard world. i hope you find someone you can relate to, id love to get to know the person behind the thoughts, or at least here some more thoughts. be open honest and maybe someone somewere they will contect with you the way youy desire. good luck on your journey, i hope you succeed in happiness

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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6/12/2005 4:34 am

For as many ugly things there are in this world there are an equal number of beautiful things. There is a balance in life, for the moment things my tip to one side or the other but it will balance. And there is that thing called "Karma", there is balance in that. For those people who have done wrong, wrong will come to them. How you choose to view this is how you will feel. If you view only the negative side you will feel negative and if you view the positive side you will feel positive. The choice is yours to make, choose wisely!

kreepiness 36M

6/14/2005 9:22 am

In our word, everyone has the choice to be good or bad. they who choose good, often find themselves trapped between morals, and what must be done. those who choose bad however, only choose to do whatever they feel they can get away with. it is much easier to tell the good from the bad when they are drunk. a good drunk, while knowing that because they are drunk they will be expected to do stupid or embarassing things, will at least try to restrain themselves. a bad drunk will go as far as they can without a care for afterwards, because, hey they were drunk. good and bad are two sides to a coin. while it can be flipped up in the air to land where it may, it can also be set on a given side. this is where you must ask yourself-- which side am I on?

solara69u 53M

6/21/2005 6:18 pm

We all feel like you do, Its just that we need to start respecting each other little more than we used to. Each one of need to treat each fairly and race should not even be an issue any more but it is.

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