What a waste of time and money...  

BldrCrkTwkA 47M
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8/21/2006 7:48 am
What a waste of time and money...

Well then, where to begin? I suppose at the start, I never should have fallen for the messages being sent to fool me into spending my hard earned money here, because as soon as I paid never once did I get any more mail from other people, nor do I get any response to anything I send out... I get plenty of responses on the free sites I have also joined... So come on everyone, if you are unhappy here let EVERYONE know about it, and Post right away!

moonlightphoenix 46F
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8/21/2006 8:34 am

I've been fine and I'm a standard member. Of course, I'm a chick, so it's skewed.

BUT...you will get out what you put in.


Join groups and post intelligent responses to discussion topics that allow people to get to know you.

Start a blog. Talk about yourself and your life.

AdultFriendFinder isn't a gumball machine.

Attend or set up meet & greets in your area.

I have done all of the above and have met great people of all sorts.

I'm NOT a bot.

swingaling101 68M

8/21/2006 9:09 am

Amen man!!!! This place is all about the money. I paid the premium for a Silver membership for over 2 years. I dropped my premium membership and at the Standard level, I am now totally isolated from the other members. I cannot view profiles or participate with other standard members. Even with a premium membership, a person is restricted from contacting standard members unless you pay more. In addition, the standard members profiles are somewhat manufactired. As I read them, I noticed that they had the same sentences and structure. I added a blog about this today, titled, "Standard Member Blues." Standard members should be allowed to contact each other. At least on a limited basis.

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