At times, life stings like a friction burn  

Blastimus 39M
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3/12/2006 11:29 am
At times, life stings like a friction burn

What a strange Sunday afternoon. Casually checking over my blog comments, I read one from another member here. I decided to check out the associated blog, and read an wrenching entry.

I don't feel the details of the entry are mine to give, so I am leaving out that specific information out of respect for the situation. However, this opened up the door to my own thoughts..

Anyone who says life is fair has not been living it. Life isn't fair by any stretch. Sometimes, as awful as an event can seem, good can come of it.

People fine incredible strenght in the face of awful circumstances. A pooling of resources, a closeness of family, and a shoulder to lean on are rare things in this world. In the circumstances that most haunt us in this life, you'll find those simple things listed above come from the strangest places. A hug from a co-worker at the right time, a stranger's kind words of encouragements, and prayers and energy from fellow members of a website like this are all things that will help overcome the unfairness of life's curveballs.

I know this all sounds grotesquely cliché.. I wish such words and encouragement were felt for what they were, and not recognized for how over-used they were.

The point is that when life throws us a kick from behind, a look around in the strangest place could find the one person you need to make it.

My thoughts and prayer to you, and any else who could use a friend.


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