Women are like wine. They need to age to perfection  

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2/5/2006 2:11 pm

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Women are like wine. They need to age to perfection

I think every man (or bisexual/lesbian woman) gets to the point in their lives that it takes more to grab their attention than just someone who makes for tasty eye candy. Have you every come across someone that catches your eye initially upon looks alone (Hey, the day you stop looking is the day you stop breathing). You approach them, or they approach you, and after five minutes of conversation you realize that physically she's of age, but if sex was all based on maturity, you'd be robbing the cradle.
That's how I feel when dealing with most women of my age bracket (20-25)[please note that this is not directed towards all women of my age bracket, but if the shoe fits..WEAR IT]. It really bugs me when I'm with a young woman who is gorgeous on the outside, but her brain is hardly up to date. Even if its for a one night stand, I crave a woman that can at least hold a good conversation outside of what drama she's envolved in like her life is a constant episode of Degrassi High. Most of them are so inexperienced that taking them to bed feels more like I'm conducting a basic english class as opposed to a hot night of sex.
Then a few years ago, I finally discovered the joys of dating/ fucking older women (27-45). You can talk about anything on a mentally stimulating level and nothing is taboo. They actually behave better in public (hence the term, "A lady out the house, but a whore in the bedroom"). They can actually spring for the check every once in a while (Not to say that I'm a cheap skate, but it's a most refreshing feeling to find a woman that actually lives and practices the principles of equality between the sexes rather than just crying about it to hear herself talk). Most of them know how to appreciate there lover and won't take them for granted nor will they play the little high school Jedi mind games that most young girls seem to have difficulty outgrowing.
Sexually, older women remain heavy weight and undisputed. If she's the type that takes care of herself (which most women in their 30's learn quickly the value of), she can maintain a body that most 20 year olds would kill for. Not to mention the 10 years(give or take) extra experience she has over her 20 year old counterparts. At that point she not only has a killer body, but knows how to use it. I've also noticed that the same concept kind of applies to gentleman's clubs. Most older women know how to treat their customers better and have more dancing skill.
And I can definately say one of the best things about being with women whom are my senior is the fact that they've been around. They've don't enough window shopping. Hell, they might even have bought a few things. So they know what they want. They know their priorities and they don't sit around all scatter brained trying to figure out either one. Whether it she's looking for Mr. Right, a fuck buddy or just a FUCK, at least an experienced woman knows how to go about finding it and she can do it with class.
This is going out to all the ladies in the early 30's give or take. You have my vote of confidence all the way. I'm your fan.

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9/7/2006 11:56 am


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