Simmering & Sensuality  

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7/21/2006 2:42 pm
Simmering & Sensuality

Today was a work at home day - showered and all, but still basically in pajamas at this late date. Loose, stretchy pajama bottoms with genuine 'good girl' full coverage panties underneath. If I get the idea I might get lucky later (highly likely) and if I'm working at home I don't mind simmering a little during the day. The stretchy pants stretch forward a bit, good girl coverage remains in effect, and I cup one hand in the appropriate location. Its bikini weather which means bikini trimmed which means that things are out there within easy reach of idle fingers. Fresh and clean turns to hot and damp ... then I'm saved by the bell when the phone rings.

The second time I do a progress check is the biggest hazard in terms of early release ... a finger accidentally slips around elastic? Look out If I make it past that hazard it generally smooth sailing until the evening hours even if I check a few more times. That this happens is a secret, at least until he reads this; I always change if I'm in the mood for this so he has no idea what he is getting himself into.

While we're on the topic of fabric lets talk about those little, white Wigwam ankle socks you can buy at Canfield's. There is one particular type meant for hiking that is very, very plush inside. He has several pairs and he revealed that he finds sliding them on to be extremely arousing - says it feels like sliding something else inside me. I couldn't wonder about that for very long without checking it out, so I got myself two pair, one of which I am wearing. I have to admit its the very best thing my feet have ever felt

Its 4:41 - just twenty more minutes 'till quitting time. I do believe I'm going to go sit in the recliner in the living room wearing nothing but my little white socks and wait for the door to open.

- Simmering Bliss

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