Morning boyfriend spoilage part 2  

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7/22/2006 8:24 am
Morning boyfriend spoilage part 2

Please go and read part one first. These were meant to be one piece and a computer crash got me.

So there I was, sporting nothing but my cute little K-Swiss, standing in the moonlight in the middle of the boardwalk at Gifford Point. He looked at me. He kept looking until I looked back. He slowly gathered me up to him and we kissed. And kissed. And kissed. Fear melted away in a tidal wave of desire.

I was shaking when we pulled apart but fear had nothing to do with it. He took my hand and we continued walking south.

I should describe this place for those not from the area. Fontenelle Forest/Gifford Point is a huge area of bluffs along the Missouri river just south of Omaha. Its a private nature preserve so other than a few miles of boardwalk there are just a lot of dirt paths through the forest. The place where we were is down in the flats along the Missouri with a half mile of boardwalk leading south to a little wood observation deck overlooking the Hidden Marsh.

We reached the end of the board walk, climbed one flight of stairs to the observation deck, and he spread out my shirt so I'd have a place to sit beside him.

We talked. We cuddled. We kissed. His gentle hands moved over me making those 'bring the desire' motions. His fingers came to rest on one nipple, then he twisted. Hard.

I squeaked a little bit and slapped his hand away. "That hurt!" He leaned in close and breathed in my ear "As much as things you keep from me?"

Again fear, but this time from a much different source. His mouth closed around the insulted nipple, soothing, and giving me a moment to think things over.

I don't recall how long we'd been dating when the subject of, uhh, personal pleasure came up in conversation. I was very shy about this and wouldn't even discuss, let alone share such things. Time went on, we tried new things, and he found one or two positions/situations where I'd throw modesty to the wind and finish things up, but this was always in a tangle and a rush.

I knew he wanted to watch ... and help ... and watch ... but I felt bad when I even considered it. This was just not something a good girl would do. Of course, all of this thinking was going on while good girl's head was spinning and a small damp spot was forming on that shirt under me.

The night, the open air, the moonlight, and the hundred yards of bare naked stroll along the boardwalk had changed things.

I looked him right in the eye and asked "What do you want?" I never loved him more than the moment when he answered "The truth."

We sat for a long time, with curious male fingers learning one secret after another from newly honest female fingers. Intrusive, he was, interupting me at least twice when the end was in sight, but the wait was worth it.

We pulled apart, he stood up, and offered me his hand. It was a short trip, just three steps across the deck, and he turned me so my back was against the railing towards the marsh. He knelt, I brace myself with hands on the railing, and two curious male fingers turned assertive as they slid right inside of me. His fingers are much longer than mine and in that position gravity was on his side. I've since learned to call it 'cervical massage'. That night I had no words for the sensation but I was glad for strong arms supporting me as my legs got weak.

That evening was a sensual breakthrough for me. Now we've got a house with a fenced back yard and lounge chairs. I drive the poor boy to distraction He can't make up his mind whether he prefers bikini lines or the things that happen minus the bikini, and I can pay back an entire month of teasing on his part by deciding I'm too hot and cooling myself by melting an icecube in my hand and letting the cool water tricle down my fingers.

Heart pounding, hands shaking, and breathing fast. This is precisely why I started writing in this fashion again. Won't keep till this evening, either, so I am going to just give in the inevitable and go get some sun this morning.

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