Dazed and Confused  

BlairBliss 42M/37F
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7/21/2006 10:55 pm
Dazed and Confused

So I make the run to Omaha, find a good spot for the bike in the Old Market, and head for 614 South 11th. I arrived at the Blue Barn theater at 11:30 all ready to see the midnight show ... and the guy at the door told me it was already over. Only in Omaha does the midnight show being at 9:30.

I roamed the market a bit with camera bag over my shoulder, but I was going to have to plant my cute little zip at the ankle Harley boot in some drunk guy's crotch, so I got out of there. The world wasn't making any pictures tonight anyway ...

Not a total loss of an evening though, I got a nice ride out of it, and the HyVee at 90th and Center has little jars of Echo Falls caviar - both whitefish and wild salmon. I got one of each and I'm currently working on the salmon. I love the salty, fishy taste, salmon eggs are a quarter inch across, and there are always a few tough customers in the jar. The tough guys wind up between my molars, I bite down, and I get another big shot of that fishy, salty flavor Yum!

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