Sooooooooo good.  

BlackthickKing 42M
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5/13/2006 12:48 am
Sooooooooo good.

Softly touching the shoulder I want to turn you around and lay wet lips on your neck. Sucking slowly as I kiss I slip my.. Hands down and move with ease of the slippery skin feeling for your deepest desires and wanting to release them. My pulse quickens sending warm blood deep into me, growing larger with thoughts of lust and sex my mind is focused. Yet my thoughts are scattered because you pulled your leg uppp against my hip. I almost lost it there. I could feel the warm heat pulsing from you. The monment is near and my eye can no wait. To them you are already naked. Your body under mind in a dance that would thrill the angels and part the clouds so that all could see.
Sooooo good you are to me. Now I must take you beyond.


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