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It’s started again! The thought process needed a spark and I’ve just received it. Sitting in front of me on the screen is a picture of a lady, tall, slim, elegant lying down on her stomach, with her legs tied and pulled up behind her, and her arms again tied behind with a wooden pole between her back and elbows. She’s not in pain, just experiencing the situation of being helpless, not knowing what her Master has in store for her next.

Obviously what he did once she was in this position was to take a photograph of her. The next thing he did was send it to me, and now, it forms the basis of my fresh thoughts and fantasies. I’d like to be involved, and the image is close to what we’ve enjoyed already, but with a new dimension. It involves others, and to date we’ve kept our world of bondage very much between us. Would it be possible to share it with others, only time would tell.

They arrived early on the Friday afternoon, the sailing had been smooth, and they looked fresh and full of anticipation as introductions were made and we relaxed over coffee. We all knew how it could go, we’d all read the outline, but dreams and reality often fail to meet and we knew this might be the case this time. However, conversation was easy, we all had a lot in common, old friends, holidays, clubs we’d visited, and obviously our lifestyle choice, but we all avoided chatting about the evening and what it might bring.

We showed them to their room, leaving them to settle in, we both went downstairs and showered, then started to prepare our evening meal. We hadn’t gone too far, a pleasant traditional meal, with plenty of full bodied wine. It flowed easily, as did the conversation, but you could feel the tension growing in the room as the evening drew on.

We’d already agreed as novices to all this we’d pass over the starting gun as it were to Mike. He knew what to do, and as they’d played many times before we felt it better than our giggling efforts. The coffee finished, we looked at each other knowing the time was nearing, checking with each other for last minute nerves or back-out signals, but neither gave them. Game on I guess. Mike asked us all if we’d like to move to the dungeon and without a single reply all three of us rose and walked along the corridor.

The room was already nice and warm, we’d left the heating on to ensure we all felt comfortable. “Ladies, would you remove all your clothes please”. Mike broke the silence, his words, clear and to the point, no stuttering or reason to think this wasn’t for real. Flirt looked at me, fear of the unknown etched across her face, I didn’t smile, but gave her that re-assuring look that things were ok. She took it in for a second or two, looked across at Mike and realised that the game had begun, and slowly started to remove her jumper.

It didn’t take long; it wasn’t a slow erotic removal of clothing, a sensual strip, more a normal everyday removal of clothes before bed. Two piles of blouses, knickers and socks grew on the floor before us as both girls complied with Mike’s demand. They were naked, both standing in front of us, Flirt showing her worries with her hands held slightly across her feminity, Kim, bold with her hands to her sides as if she’s done this a million times before.

Mike again took control; gently he beckoned to them both to kneel, and then manoeuvred them together, back to back. Their backs and buttocks pressed against each other and their feet passed either side of each other until the only daylight between them was the arch of their lower back. Mike reached for the bamboo, a long pole, about 6 foot long and 2 inches in diameter and carefully passed it between them until it rested on the ledge created by their buttocks. Indicating to me it was time to begin, he passed a length of rope across to me, and moved round in front of Kim. I in turn moved round to face Flirt. The look on her face now was more relaxed again. Seeing me in front of her she smiled and mouthed “I love you”. I smiled back, I loved these times, when a new adventure brought us even closer together. “Love you too” I mouthed in reply.

I’d already learnt the standard wrist knots, leg knots and body strapping allowing me to tie people into most positions, but this was different, working on two bodies instead of one. Both girls had to pass their arms over the pole, then back in front of their bodies whilst we applied a wrist restraint. Once tied, we then proceeded to tie the forearms and upper arms, either side of the pole ensuring the arms couldn’t be used in any way, finishing off with the ropes being passed around both girls waists to pull them together even more.

The arms completed, we helped both girls into a standing position, causing a slight girly giggle as one or other stumbled as they rose. Mike’s look at Kim silenced it almost immediately but Flirt didn’t see it and I needed to give her a stern look not to ruin the scene as it emerged before us. Both girls had such wonderfully long legs, I just knew the next bit was going to be highly arousing.

Again, Mike passed me more rope, and then with a faint touch on Kim’s legs she immediately opened them, stopping once shoulder width had been reached. I indicated to Flirt to match this, helping her adjust until both heels were against each other. You could instantly tell that stability in this position was going to be a problem, so Mike moved down and moved both heels apart about 6 inches, allowing the girls the benefit of using each other body as a balance.

I worked on one pair of legs, Flirts left, and Kim’s right, Mike working on the other pair. You could tell he was an expert, finishing far sooner than me, with the knots and rope neatly entwining the two limbs. My efforts looked a lot clumsier, and took a lot longer, but hey, I was enjoying the view from down here and was in no rush. Eventually it was done. Mike looked it over, adjusted a rope or two and stood up to admire our handiwork.

There was no way out now, both girls, beautifully bound together, their legs spread to a distance of maybe 2 feet, their arms, totally snared in the rope and pole bondage. I reached for the camera beside the bed, but Mike quickly indicated to me and I stopped dead. Reaching into his bag, Mike pulled out two blindfolds, popping Kims on within seconds he moved round and started to offer the other to Flirt. She looked at me again, this time it was a trust question….and fear. She knew once that was on she had lost the last bit of control she had, the pleasure of sight, and knew she’d be vulnerable from that point onwards. I made a sign, one already agreed between us, the one she could use at any point to stop things dead. She spotted it, nodded slightly, relaxed, and bowed her head towards Mike, accepting the blindfold.

Mike turned and nodded to me, and then towards the camera. I needed no further invitation, picking it up quickly and snapping away from every possible angle in the room. The two girls, totally vulnerable and exposed, my baby going that step further again and trusting me totally to look after her. I couldn’t resist it, I just had to find out how much all this was affecting her, and gently with only two fingers, I felt between her legs. The shock of feeling such dampness made me shudder all over, she was soaking down below and her lips and clit pouted like I’d never seen before. Lowering myself between them, down to floor level I took another shot on the camera looking up between her legs. It was then I spotted Kim was in the same state, Mike had moved in on her and was slowly, gently caressing her clit, and just visible you could see her legs starting to tremble.

We hadn’t spoken about going further than this, I didn’t know what to expect now. Did Mike want to move round and feel Flirt’s dampness, was I being offered the same with Kim, I didn’t know, but it was going further than we had anticipated at the start and I needed to know. It was time to talk to Flirt, and I couldn’t really have a conversation with her in private at the moment, not with her ear 5 inches from Kim’s. Suddenly Kim shook, her body trembled all over, pushing back against Flirt’s body her groans filled the room. Mike obviously had a great technique, or maybe it was the situation that did it, probably a mixture of both, but who cared, certainly not Kim at that precise moment in time.

I could see Flirt was tense now, strapped up and unable to move, blindfolded and unable to see, a girl orgasming behind her and not knowing who or how it had been caused. This was indeed pushing new limits and I indicated to Mike we’d reached our limit. Instantly he responded, whispering to Kim what was obviously their code word, he reached over and started to undo the knots. 10 minutes later we were all in the lounge, dressed and with a drink in our hands. Flirt had relaxed again, knowing the game had reached her limits and she’d been able to stop it all. We now had a chance to chat in private, to discuss the evening, to explore each others feelings and thoughts.
But then of course we had Saturday night together!!

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You are a very good writer...keep up the great work

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

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2/17/2006 8:21 pm

Thank you for the comments....will try to keep them coming as we experience new scenarios.

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u got nice pussy

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Hi Guys I have just all your blogs, they are all really great, erotic is the only way to discribe them, I am sure that I shall enjoy meeting you both, I am am old sailor so I am good at knots, will give you a call later, Lots of Lust Randy ROB>>!

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