Hotel or Not!  

Blackcuminu 45M
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3/14/2006 6:55 am

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7/21/2007 11:31 pm

Hotel or Not!

Where do you have your best sex?
Anywhere I can take my pants off

rm_teaser35805 68F
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3/14/2006 7:52 am

I'll meet any young guy at a motel or out door fun,just tell me when and where,I live in Huntsville

ahotmom4u 43F

5/7/2006 9:26 pm

meet a stranger in a dark hotel talking, just the faint sound of breathing and the radio in the back ground. He comes up to me from behind and softly touches my sholder, moving my hair to kiss my neck. Slowly undresses me....then turns me around and kisses me so passionately I almost melt. He takes me for hours, still no talking.... It ends, he kisses me one last time and leaves.

profnpiggie 63M/56F

8/21/2006 7:49 am

Hmmmm, I talking. I am there to do his bidding with no strings attached. Whatever he wants, he takes.

virgo10007 52M

10/16/2006 12:34 pm

    Quoting ahotmom4u:
    meet a stranger in a dark hotel talking, just the faint sound of breathing and the radio in the back ground. He comes up to me from behind and softly touches my sholder, moving my hair to kiss my neck. Slowly undresses me....then turns me around and kisses me so passionately I almost melt. He takes me for hours, still no talking.... It ends, he kisses me one last time and leaves.
Sounds great, I'd like to try that, I am sure it is very arousing.

wildflower92072 45F
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11/10/2006 5:48 am

Tonight is your night. I have asked you to book a suite for us, and you sit on an easy chair waiting for me. You could look out of the circular windows to see the lights of the city sparkling in the cold fall air, or the silvery reflections of the moon in the river, but your eyes are drawn irresistibly towards the stairs.

This is no ordinary hotel room. There are windows on three sides. On the fourth side, stairs lead up to a balcony from which you can look down on the king size bed below. It is to this balcony that your eyes are drawn. Having gone straight upstairs as soon as we arrived, I have cautioned you not to look upwards until I am ready. For your part, you have promised that just for tonight, you will do everything that I ask of you. You open the champagne provided by room service, pour two glasses, sit them down on the small table by the window and wait.

Hearing movement, you turn to see me standing on the balcony above you. Floor length deep blue velvet clings to my curves, cut to accentuate the swell of my breasts, the soft roundness of my hips, a deep slit exposes my legs encased in smooth nude stockings. I have dressed to please you, and I can see in your eyes that the trouble and effort have not been in vain.

You watch, transfixed as I slowly descend the stairs, the flowing velvet riding up as I descend, revealing tantalizing glimpses of lacey garters. Everything is deliberate but subtle; I know the way to your innermost desires and I am playing them in full. Each step is a sensual act, designed to kindle your wants and needs.

You feel your mouth go dry as I reach the floor. Slowly, deliberately I move towards you, my eyes holding yours, daring you to try and look elsewhere.

I stop, and pause; the silence in the room is almost painful. You can hear your own heart thumping in your chest. You watch as my body slowly moves with my breathing, my smile a soft, sweet, and sensual, telling of joys to come.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I turn, revealing the back of the dress ‒ a weave of thin straps which knit the sides together like the laces of a shoe, the opening narrowing to a point as it meets the soft swell of my behind.

I turn a complete 360 and my smile locks your eyes once again, a knowing smile, a soft sensual, sexy smile that promises so much. You have to fight with yourself, fight to stop yourself rising from the chair and simply grabbing me and throwing me onto the bed. After all, you have promised to stay seated until I give you permission to take an active role.

You watch as I reach down and pick up my glass of champagne. You watch as I bring the glass to my lips, and my tongue slowly snakes out to sample the pale liquid. You can see the bubbles dance on my tongue before I slowly drain the small flute.

I set the glass back down on the table, my eyes watch you, knowing that you will seek to look into the top of my dress, or look at the smooth skin on my back, or the silky sheen of my stockinged legs, or all three. You are a voyeur; wanting to look, to see everything, but not wanting to be caught.

I stand before you. You watch as my hands move to my hips, crossing over my body and then moving up in a self caress, a move you want so badly to do yourself. My hands catch slightly as they reach my breasts, the subtle movement sending a soft ripple through the exposed swell of my bosom. My eyes partially close as the palms of my hands move over my breasts. I feel my nipples stiffen. You want to feel those nubs of flesh under your own fingers don’t you? Then my hands, arms still crossed, reach my shoulders; fingers spread, they caress my own skin the way you so desperately want to do with your own fingers and lips.

Agonizingly, I take precious minutes to reach the thin straps of my dress, my fingers slowly hooking under the deep blue fabric before slowly easing them to the points of my shoulders before letting them fall in unison to my arms. The dress falls open slightly, exposing a little more of my breasts.

You become aware that my eyes are watching you. You are caught out again having drifted over into some lustful dream world. I smile knowingly; almost arrogant in the knowledge that once again I have captivated you.

The merest movement of my hips and the dress descends; the soft fabric simply glides over my skin.

There is no attempt to cover myself, no bra to conceal my breasts and the nipples that you ache to caress. I stand before you naked apart from a simple nude lace garter and stockings, which do nothing to cover the nakedness of my completely bare box.

I walk the two paces to close the gap between us. Your hands reach up to cup my bosom; I softly but firmly push you away. It still is not time. You obey my unspoken commands. Silently I kneel between your thighs, never loosing the connection between our eyes, continuing to captivate your attention.

You feel the slightest touch as I draw down the zipper of your slacks; release the simple catch on your belt before drawing the material aside. Your jacket removed when we first entered the room is soon joined by your shirt; itself slowly drawn up above your head by my hands, an action which causes my breasts to rise up on my rib cage before settling back again. You feel my hand reach in and capture your manhood through the thin material of your silk boxers.

My fingertips pass gently over the length of you, tracing the thick vein from its base to where it reaches the crown and stroke around the sensitive ridge. Then they move to the head, the lightest of touch, just enough to allow your pre-cum to escape and leave a dark patch on the silky material. My finger is like a lance, emitting small electric shocks as it passes over your rigid flesh.

Again you start to reach out, but this time a slow shake of the head and mischievous grin is sufficient to make you stop. As if I can read your mind, my fingers move to the waistband of your underwear and, hooking my fingers into them I draw them down. A small pause while you raise yourself off the chair, then the complete disrobing, slacks and briefs drawn to the floor and tossed into a corner. Socks follow, and now you are sitting in front of me naked, your rigid cock seeking to bridge the small gab between us. You yearn to kiss me, to feel my touch, to reach out and take me into your arms. With eyes half closed, you let yourself be drawn in a blissful state of anticipation.

Barely aware of any movement, you sense my breath on your flesh, a long slow passage of time in which my warm air caresses you. Then the merest touch, through half closed eyes you watch as my tongue moves to touch your cock. Tip to tip, the briefest of caresses, and it is gone, just a thin gossamer strand of cum linking you to me, the only trace of that initial contact.

Again a touch, longer this time, the tip of my tongue tracing the slit at the end, drawing a silvery trace behind as it descends over the engorged head and down to the crown’s ridge. It is sublime torture, your cock twitching to each movement of my tongue, and still that is the only connection between us. You want to grab me by the back of the head, force me downwards and drive yourself between my lips, but the tension of the moment and the passion now rising within you hold you back.

You watch as I slowly take the head between my lips, and feel my tongue caress it, bathing it in my oral juices. Then you feel my tongue again, passing lower this time, coating your shaft so that it almost sparkles in the pale light of the room.

Minute by slow sensual minute, I coat your flesh with my warm tongue, stopping when I reach the head to suck you between my lips. A sexy smile, a playful bite, and the feeling of my teeth behind the head of your cock is overwhelming. Tugging you gently towards me, before releasing you so that it bobs in front of me, my tongue returns again, smooth, soft, caressing down the shaft and up again to hover above the head.

My lips form a kiss, almost heart shaped as they pass over the tip and over the crown. This time I do not stop, my eyes locked onto yours as your shaft slowly sinks into my mouth. You feel the head graze the roof of my mouth then, after the slightest of pauses, you feel it pass into the tight confines of my throat. You nearly erupt in an instant as you feel yourself drawn further into my throat than ever before. This is my gift to you this day.

I withdraw until your cock is barely lodged in my mouth before once again pushing down and engulfing you, a little deeper this time. Your mind is reeling. Once again I withdraw, only to descend a third time. The movement slightly quicker, more hurried.

Before long you and I both know that you cannot hold out much longer, the constriction around the head of your cock as it passes into my throat is almost unbearable, like a warm ring of flesh squeezing you with each stroke.

I can sense that your climax is imminent. Your cock twitches in the confines of my mouth, your body wrestles with itself in an effort to keep in place, and you have to fight the urge to lift upwards to meet my descending mouth. Your hands clench the chair as you fight against the inevitable tide. Blood pounds through your veins as you strain to hold back your rising orgasm. To no avail, it is a battle you could never win.

Nerve fibers tightening, straining, your climax arrives with sudden, but inevitable speed. Just as the first spasm erupts, I descend again over your shaft. Pushing down forcefully until I have engulfed you entirely. The first shot of cum passes directly into my throat; my neck muscles tighten around you to squeeze your juice from the shaft. The second volley also coats my throat before I rise up to take the third and fourth into my mouth, my tongue now coaxing the final droplets from the over sensitive tip.

No touch is necessary now; indeed any caress would be almost painful as your depleted cock lies on my soft tongue. I softly take the weight of your cock in my hand, lift it gently from between my lips and lay it against the inside of your thigh.

Your eyes open slightly, and you are greeted with my smile. I rise up to meet you as you slowly lean forward, our lips touching, our tongues entwining, sharing the gift you have just given me.

Sorry... couldn't resist sharing my hotel story too...haha

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