The measure of a man  

Black__Dragon 48M
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11/13/2005 7:42 am

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The measure of a man

Is the measure of a man in his size, his girth and if he can make you holler. Is it because he’s generous and has money in his pocket–the almighty dollar. It’s sad that in this world we take for granted the true measure of a man. It’s not because he drives a fancy car or wear nice clothes… Or because he has a nice place, it’s not because any of the materialistic things you bring in this existence. Unfortunately we use these as measures of his success; when will we look deeper. When will we look into the essence of what a man really is? The true measure of a man is how he protects, how he provides, how he brings stability. How he gives attention and understanding. How patient he is and more importantly how he never gets angry and cherishes his significant other (wife or girl), kids and family. Character is the true measure of a man and how he provides the safety, security and protection that she longs for.

I always reflect on my past, it’s the only point of reference I have. And I see where I didn’t measure up. Where I could have improved–I look forward with no regrets–learning and apply those lessons to make myself a better person. No one is perfect and there is no perfect man so ladies find the one that’s perfect for you. But not with the artificial measures we put in front of us. Such as wealth, education, how he dresses. What is the true essence? In your words…. I look forward to candid responses.

SensualDesire2 68M/49F
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11/17/2005 5:15 am

My findings are that the true essence of man are all you wrote plus Honour and commitment to his word . Its his demeaner on how he presents himself ; his body language tells a lot of his charactor . A true man has the wisdom to act when necessary and the imagination to be inspired . Truth be told , a woman inspires a man sexually - he acts upon that nudge . To a woman a man that smells good is a definitely a big plus.

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