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6/19/2006 8:30 am

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San Diego- possibly the best weather in the world. But after living here it does feel hot from time to time. Ahhhh, the magical lustful wonders of Summer. From skimpy to skimpier. Yes men are visual creatures - a nipple poking out here or there or the sight of a string coming up between the cracks of her buttocks and our minds can easily work up a sweat! Surely she knows I have her locked on as she bends over exposing the tag of her G-String (still wonder why women leave the tag on when the tag is sometimes bigger than the string). So I am off track and what I really wanna know is one of your hottest sexual experiences during the month's of Summer.

For me it was almost getting caught having sex on the beach at night. The waves slashing against the sand, cool breeze, full moon and sand serving as our firm mattress. Seconds after I exploded here comes a little poodle out of nowhere it seems. Perhaps he smelled the sex? So, this middle aged couple comes over and of course we are able to cover with a large beach towel, but nevertheless we are chatting with the couple about nothing in particular for a few minutes while totally naked and freshly wet from some very wonderful sex. Finally they leave and we just look at eachother and laugh.

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