BigandSexy3668 50F
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6/2/2006 12:41 am

Tarzan is walking through the jungle one day and gets in a fight with a
lion. The lion rips off one arm, one of his eyes, and rips off his

Left for dead Cheetah finds Tarzan lying there and rescues him. Taking
him up to their tree house, his faithful companion gives him a
gorilla's arm to replace the one he lost. An eagle's eye for his eye,
and a baby elephant's trunk to replace his penis.

After a few days of using his new parts, Cheetah asks Tarzan "How do
you feel?"

Tarzan replies "Me like new arm very strong. Me like new eye see far
and good. But me no like new Willie, all day long it picks up leaves
and shoves them up my ass....!"

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