The Beach Part 3  

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6/26/2006 4:11 pm
The Beach Part 3

Part 3

He scooped her up into his arms, standing he carried her back up the beach to the blanket she had been sunning on earlier.

Gently placing her in the middle of the blanket, he took a moment to study her body. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement; perfect was a better word. The great artist of the world would have given their souls to be able to have her as their muse.

Eyes closed she lay there, waiting for him to make the next move. It didn’t take long before she felt his fingers touch her lips, slowly tracing the outline then sweeping across her jaw line coming to rest behind her left ear.
“Look at me” he whispered.
Her eyes fluttered open coming to rest on his face. Leaning forward, almost touching her nose he continued. “You can’t be real. If I kiss you will you disappear?”
“You’ll have to wait and see.” She answered with a seductive smile.

His lips touched hers, lightly at first. She parted her lips slightly and he followed her lead by gently running his tongue across her teeth to find her eager to except him. She was sweet like honey and he wondered if she was honey throughout. Time would tell. That thought alone spurred him on in his exploration of her.

He had to control himself; he didn’t want to deny either one the pleasures that were in store for them this afternoon.

Her hands ran across his back, making their way up into his hair. ‘I want more.” And slowly started to guide his head down her neck. He ran hot wet kisses across her collarbone and down the valley between the twin peaks that seemed to be waiting for his attention, nibbles tight and erect.

Capturing one peak with his month and the other with a hand, he began his assault. Licking and kneading, first one then the other. He could feel her excitement growing. Gently working the nibble with his teeth, he let one hand slide down her firm torso, coming to rest at the heat between her legs. Her legs spread wide, an open invitation for him to explore the rest of her mysteries. With his tongue he followed the path down past her navel and onto her mound. With slow feathery kisses he began. First just around the source of her heat and along the inside of her legs. Slowly he placed the tip of his tongue against her clit causing a low moan to escape her. As if hunting for something, slowly he licked, sucked and kissed the tender flesh exposed to him. She was Honey, pure honey, sweet and thick. Scooping up her bottom, he a leg over each should, now he was in control and he loved it.

Deeper and deeper he probed her, her back arched to meet each parry of his tongue. She was like fire as his tongue slid inside her, in out; he worked as his fingers continued the assault on the now swollen clit. She was encouraging he with her words, not that he could make sense of any of them, he just knew that she was his, totally his and he meant to claim the prize for his endeavors.

Her back arched, body ridged, it was time. With one last assault he captured her clit, drew it into his mouth and feverishly flicked back and forth with his tongue. A huge gasp for air, a slipped second silence then came her release. She cried out, the sound ripping through the early evening air.

He held Honey until the tremors stopped. Her breathing was almost back to normal he slide between her legs ready to began the next assault wave. His penis hard with anticipation lay against the swollen flesh, the heat was still there and it quickened his heartbeat. He drew back and watched himself push inside Honey. The feel, it was that of satin, hot satin flowing around him, intoxicating, no amount of drug could ever cause this sensation.

SirMounts 103M

7/7/2006 8:32 pm

Why, you have very good story telling ability.
A warm welcome to blogging, BigRed38DoubleD. *smiling*

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