Intervention Needed  

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6/27/2006 5:52 pm

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Intervention Needed

A few things on my mind...

Karl Rove was in Des Moines yesterday for a fundraiser. The question is not, 'why was he here', but rather, 'why did anyone attend a function to see his sorry ass as the keynote speaker'? No one nauseates me more than Karl Rove. The savagery with which he attacks democracy and civil liberties astounds me. Yet, the monkey that he is responsible for electing is rising in the polls. I don't know...

I'll preface this by reminding everyone that I am very straight...

Why is it that the Republican Party feels a need to interfere with the daily lives of citizens? In the sixties, Republican legislatures in more than fifteen states attempted to 'ban' inter-racial marriage. The US Supreme Court eventually stepped in. For the past two years, a score of states have attempted to 'ban' gay marriage. At the end of the day, bigotry is still man, white man, red man, gay man, straight man...a man is still a man and deserves respect.

Why is it that the word 'gay' has become more synonymous with homosexual men than with lesbians? Again, a play on language by the conservatives in order to distort facts and alter opinion in a destructive manner...

Not that I like the 'Dixie Chicks' music, but why are they still being boycotted by the major country music stations despite multi-platinum sales? Why? A handful of conservative fucks own all of the major country music stations and they are unable to keep the ladies censored. I bought their album in solidarity.

Why am I running in this triathlon? I don't like swimming and I'm not a huge fan of running. I should have simply entered a bike race. I should know better when it comes to this stuff...


7/6/2006 7:21 am

Well regardless of the sorry state of this country/world we at least can voice our opinion. I vote and am active in lobbying efforts but on a personal choice claim no political affiliation. I know everyone on both sides can cast many a stone about the atrocities of both parties and the running of their administrations. I support whatever government is in office and protest in peace the things which I do not like. I do feel my creator gave all of us free choice whether moral or immoral and as long as it does not interfer with the pursuit of happiness of another. I believe it is our god given right/curse. I know this though too, abolish god from government and the government becomes god. Think god has been long abolished from government though. I guess that is why in the book the bible it says to pray for that government to come. Just my 2 cents. Glad you are in passion about equality! I am not religious and sorry for the long comment. {=}

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