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Yes Master

It is early in the day when my sub and I are talking. She gets up to go to the bathroom. I look over and see a cigarette burning in the ash tray. This is a matter that I have warn her about many times. I have found burning cigs lauding by the ash tray several times before. She returns from the bathroom and the cigarette has fallen out of the ash tray. She looks at me to see if I had notice, she quickly returns it to the ash tray. Without looking at her I ask how many times have I warn you about that. She said nothing, I tell her that I guess she has got to be reminded. With it being early in the day and with many things to do I tell her it will be tonight. And since I'm at it I might has well punish her for the other things that she continues to do that I have warn her about. For the remainder of the day I let her know that I haven forgotten. We have company coming over and that it will have to wait for them to leave. As it turns out she has to take them home. Before she leaves I pull her in the bedroom and tell her that when she gets back that she isn't to say a word to me. I give her permission to go to the bathroom and that is all. While she is gone I laid out the items I will be using on her. I also want this to be a sexual pressure for her after her punishment. I laid on the bed and a wait her return.
After finally returning she comes in and sees everything on the bed. She goes to the bathroom and just before coming back into the bedroom she asks if she can say one thing. I see this has my sub doesn't want to follow her simple orders and tell her she as already said to much. I tell her to go to the end of the bed and undress. While she does this I move to her side and watch her. I then tell her to get on the floor on her knees.
The first thing I do is to blindfold her, and I then put a dog collar on her with a chain. She try to get to my cock wanting to suck it in an attempt to soften her punishment. I grasp the chain and pull her head back not to allow it. I then tell her to get to her feet and lead her to the living room where there is a foot stool. I tell her to get on the stool on all four. She does this promptly. I get the rope and tie her wrist and legs to the foot stool. I pull the ropes tight and fast to let her know this not just a scene. (Yet) I see her tense up ask I speak to her. I can't help telling her how beautiful she looks up there tie up and blindfolded. The real kicker is the silver chain hanging from her neck reflect light from the other room. I have several different items to spank her with. The first thing I do is to ask her if she knows why she is being punish, and she tells me the reasons. I start off rubbing her bare ass with my hand. I tell her the first few licks will be for each cigarette I have found burn up outside the ash tray. I reach back with my hand and let go with a firm slap on her ass, she jumps and sucks hair in. I give her five licks with my hand. I then get a large belt and tell her the next will be for leaving the door unlock when I'm not home. I can't help but noticing that this isn't turning her on. Which is good I want her to realize the danger she puts herself into. The big belt makes a loud bang when it is apply to her ass which is red from my hand. I give her three licks with this belt. I can see that her face is still showing the reason is right in her mind. I rub her ass with my hand and let it run through her pussy lips, where I can feel the wetness that her cunt has built up. I can't let her know how much this turns me on. I then get the small belt for three more licks for the other reasons she in this spot. It leaves three nice stripes on her ass. I again rub her ass and feel her pussy again. It is now soak and I'm ready to play. I tell her the last part of her punishment is I will have my way with her. She SIDS yes master and with that I get the chain and pull her mouth to my cock. She opens her mouth and I shove my cock in all the way to my balls. I must say she is the best at sucking cock and I being to fuck her mouth like it was her pussy. As always she takes my cock down her throat with no problem. Not wanting to cum yet I get two dildo's for her. I put them in front of her mouth for her to suck on to get them nice and wet. I then move behind and feel the wetness again and move down to my knees to eat that cunt that is so sweet with her juices. I even lick her asshole because I do know this learns my slut into even a bigger slut. I take the bigger of the dildo's and aim it at her pussy and slowly push it all the way in, watching her pussy lips wrap around it. I then get the other dildo and push it in her ass. I love seeing my sub two holes fill with her toys. The only thing better is to see her like this with my cock in her mouth, which I get the chain again to let her know to take it. She takes my cock all the way down her throat and I move the dildo's in and out of her cunt and ass. She start to fuck me harder with her mouth and feel her tense up as she comes all over the dildo. After getting even more turn on I move be hind her and take the dildo from her pussy and shove my cock in her. While fucking her like this I pull the small dildo from her ass and replace it with the bigger one. I really can't even believe the site of seeing my cock in her pussy and her ass wrap around this huge dildo. I tell her what a good slut she is being and all this is got me going. Damn I can't take it anymore I fuck her hard as my hips will go back and forth. I feel the cum building in my cock and just as I'm ready to cum I pull out and move in front of her. Without saying a word she open her mouth wanting me to shoot all over her face. I can't hold back anymore and let the first shot go right in her mouth, the second spray covers her face and the throed gets in her hair. What a sight to see my slut with my cum all over her face. I ask her if she know why she was up here again to make sure she hasn't forgotten and she tells me. I then tell how great she looks like this. And damn I forgot to get the camera. But that's OK because it is implanted in my mind forever.
She later tells me that she drove around for twenty minutes wondering what was going to happen to her. She was both a little worry and excited.
Well it as been a while since this night and whenever she forgets a cigarette she still thinks of this and me. And damn I still do too.

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Damn just got done reading your blog and now I have to get off here and takecare of things if you know what I mean *EG* very6 good Sir

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