What A Way To Wake A Woman Up  

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3/27/2006 6:30 am

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What A Way To Wake A Woman Up

She has been working long hours and getting not getting the amount of sleep she needed. But the lack of sleep wasn't the only thing she was missing out on. Several times she had taken her toy to bed with her just to fall asleep before getting to it.
One morning she came in from work and went right to bed. Just changing into her teddy before laiding down. She had left the dildo in bed from the night before but just laid down an right off to sleep. Her boyfriend was to come by later and she wanted to be awake and well reated. Well he show up early and just came in without awaking her. He went to her bedroom to see if she was up yet. He saw her laiding there sleeping and looking at her laiding there in the teddy that had work its way up that bare her from the waist down. She wasn't wearing any underwear which please him due to the fact that months earlier he had forbidden to wear any to bed. She stir rolling to her side with a leg drape over the other. This expose her pussy and ass that was a beautiful site to him. The hours she was working was taking there toll on him also. He look at her and notice that her hips were beginning to rock back and forth. He knew she was having a wet dream and this was all he could take. He went to the drawer beside the bed and got out ther blindfold. He ease it on to her not to awaken her. He begin to slowly caress the back of her thighs running his fingernail with a light touch. She begun to move to hips even more and he knew she be awake in a moment so he lightly kiss her and told her and to be alarm by the blindfold. She awoke with his words and he then kiss her again and got her wrist in one of his huge hands. Holding both wrist in one hand and holding her arms above her head he started to kiss her tits through the materail. As the nipples harden to the touch he took one nipple between his teeth and flick it with his tongue and move his hand to her clit. Her pussy was so wet from the dream and being woke up this way. He got her clit between two fingers and rub it with his thumb. She open her legs for him letting him see how bad she wanted him to take her. Knowing what she really like his mind got to thinking. He got on the bed and put his knees on each side of her head. Reaching down and playing with her pussy he let his balls tickle her face. She said please let me have your cock, the pre cum on her cheeks was driving her wild. He position hisself so his cock went straight down her throat and bend over and begin to eat her while he was slowly fucking her mouth. Seeing the dildo laiding there he pick it up and started to tease her pussy with the tip of it. Her hips begin trying to get the dildo in her by pushing to meet it, but he just kept it at bay. Not being able to say anything because of the cock in her she moan in away begging him to give it to her. Placing the tip of it against her pussy he begin to suck her clit in his mouth and push the dildo all the way in her. She began to thrust her hips and he knew that she was ready for a hard no holes barred fucking. He begin to fuck her mouth harder and with one hand moving the dildo in and out of her he push two fingers in her ass which was already lube from her juices running down from her pussy. This was all it took for her and started having a hard climax, and started sucking his cock so hard like trying to get a thick milk shake out of a straw. But it wasn't a milk shake she was after she wanted to taste his cum. Not yet he said pulling his cock from her mouth. He got up and grab her legs and put them over his shoulders driving his cock into her and started fucking her so hard that she felt his balls slapping her ass. He fuck her like there was no tomorrow. She begin another hard climax and he felt the warmth of her surround his cock and had to fight not to cum. After holding it off he withdrew his cock from her pussy and place the head against her asshole and push the head into her ass. When the head got all the way in he just the entire shaft all the way in and started fucking her ass just as hard as he did her pussy. He did this as he held her legs back so he have easy excess to her ass. He told her to start playing with her pussy and cum again so he could cum. She drove two fingers deep in her cunt and could feel his cock in her ass, this was all she could take and begin having another climax. This also drove him in to a frenzie, he reach down and remove her blindfold so she could see his face and he felt his cock swelling up with his cum. He shot the first load deep in her ass and pull his cock out and the stream of cum shot all the way up to her face leaving a stream that cover her cheeks and lips, which she wasted no time in licking off. The next few shots cover her bald pussy and he took his cock and begin rubbing it around her pussy lips. He couldn.t believe it but she was still trying to get his cock so he place it between her pussy lips and rub her clit with his cock driving her to another climax. They laid there with him laiding on top of her both exhausted from the passion. She look over and saw the clock and realize that she was late. Oh my God she said I for got to tell you I have to be back to work in 15 minutes. Without the time to take a bath she threw her clothes on and rush to work. SHe was sitting at her desk and thinking of what had taken place when she felt the cum in her ass begin to doze out. She call him and said I just told them I 'm taking two days off and I want more of what you gave me. She truly was a horny woman and the feeling of his cum still dozing from her took over her mind.

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11/17/2006 7:37 pm

i would love to be awaken like that turned me on just reading it

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