An early morning ramble  

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9/10/2006 6:44 am
An early morning ramble

It's been a bit crazy lately. I'm going into my 3rd week of classes.

I have my firs essay due tomorrow for English. I have yet to do it. It's not that I'm too lazy to start it, actually (for once lol). My problem is trying to figure out what I'm going to write about.

We got the topic last Wednesday. Using an essay we had read for an assignment as an example, we have to write a narrative/descriptive essay that tells about a particular time, place and events from our childhood.

To be honest, my childhood was extremely dull. Very shy and kept to myself. Very much a homebody.

I asked the professor within what limits of age are we able to write about, well, since my childhood doesn't do much justice for an essay. She said it doesn't necessarily have to be defined by the legal definition of child, but rather a point where I still felt like a child and the event changed me, and helped me grow up, or whatever.

There's only two events that come to mind, and I can't decide which one to do.

#1 - 17 (not techically an adult - so fits a bit), something I did with my class. While it didn't exactly push me to "grow up" per se, but the event still holds much insight that I still look back upon today. It's also a good one as far as being descriptive goes.

#2 - 20 (not a child at all, and fairly recent as of a year ago), I moved out on my own. This is truly the one thing in my life that made me do a complete 180. This is the time where I feel I finally became an adult, even though I was by age. Though it's a bit beyond the depths of childhood, and I would have a bit more of a difficult time being descriptive (other than with emotions), however it's something that did end up chaning my life.

I've been debating over these two since the assignment was set. I think I may go with the first. Well, I do have to decide sometime early today as I still have to write it. I think I will go with the first. It has to be 2 - 3 pages, double-spaced/typed. So it's really not going to be too difficult. Honestly, I find the pre-writing we have to turn in is going to be more difficult than the writing itself.

So yeah, guess I'll be starting that shortly.

Last week was still very tiring, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the first week. Maybe that's because we had Monday off, or simply because I'm starting to adjust. I hope it's the latter.

I'm sure it is adjusting. I've been going straight from work to school, and just kind of hanging out, talking on the phone. I think for now I'll pit stop home for a few minutes. Though when the weather is bad (ie. snow), I'll probably just go straight there.

Nothing much has been going on otherwise. Sick though.

I was sitting at my desk, doing my work on Friday (well, uh, at work). Around 11 am, my nose decided to go all wonky on me. Sneezing left and right. I certainly don't miss this feeling.

My sister-in-law's birthday is today. My mom actually had a small party for her yesterday, which I skipped out on to try and knock this allergy out before tomorrow. I ended up sleeping near all day. I found my 24 hour claratin-d (sp?). I bought it months ago, but never used it. Good thing I suppose. I also found my nose spray this morning - apparently I have 6 bottles... 4 are samples the doctor gave me a few months ago (March?), and two mom got me ages ago. 5 expire in 07, one in 08.

I just have to knock this out before tomorrow, or at least the majority of it. This will kill me going to work and class. It's usually just rough on it's own.

Anyhow, I have to get dressed. I have to run out for a bit (hey, I'll be working on my essay in the car, so it's not a distraction or anything). I have to reload on the claratin as well, so yeah.

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