For my Prostate Massage poll: Some thoughts...  

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3/5/2006 2:50 am

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For my Prostate Massage poll: Some thoughts...


this may sound like an odd subject to some, or even a gross subject to others, but I'm actually serious. Yes, lots of times Men have asked if women like anal. I wonder how many women have been asked if they like/consider performing anal on their male partner.

For those that may not know (for whatever reason), the prostate gland is the male G-spot. We've been taught for years on end that the anus is 'exit only' or that only gay men get their rock's off on being penetrated. Bollocks to both. If women don't know it by now, its most certainly a guilty pleasure of alot of men.

I admit to owning an anal sex toy (a butt plug for the vulgar) and am planning on getting an prostate massager called an Aneros. The Butt plug will go to sex toy heaven most likely because the Aneros is moulded to specifically fit inside the anus and actually massage the prostate.

Its a health thing and a sexual thing for me. Before my Dad died last December, he was having serious problems with his prostate gland. I was worried about that and said something to my Mom that Prostatitis (as I understand the term) is a serious matter and can lead to Prostate Cancer, the number one killer of men as far as cancer goes (heart disease still tops the list for men and women alike). One of the ways to prevent Prostatitis is to relieve prostate fluid.

I hope to be able to find a lady that isn't grossed out by this. I believe in being very sanitary and have always had (not to be gross) a bowel movement before trying anything. I also use a condom on my butt plug for ease of cleanup.

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