Adventures in camming  

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2/27/2006 1:02 am

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Adventures in camming


I finally recorded a 'video introduction', though I wouldnt really call it an introduction as much as a slightly exaggerated look into my masturbation habits. I don't normally talk dirty during sex. In fact, I never did and most certainly don't talk dirty to myself when I masturbate.

All in all, I guess it wasn't that bad. Hopefully people won't view it and be repulsed, cause that would just plain suck.


BigBoobLuver23 45M

3/2/2006 1:28 pm

'i was curious about the fleshlight. does it really feel like a real pussy?'

Its a reasonable facsimile from what I remember of the sensations. Its kinda hard to describe without actually having touched one. Care to drive to Florida and test it out?

'is it easy to clean?'

I take it into the shower with me and use a little soap and hot water and voila! It is very easy to clean.

'does it wear out?'

I'm told it can become damaged if you do things like use oil-based lubricants. I used Astroglide for the longest time, but that shit is expensive. $14 for a 2.5oz bottle. I recently discovered the joys of using White Rain Hair Conditioner (which is water based of course). A number of other Fleshlight users (there is an online community, great place) suggested it and damned if it isn't a cheap alternative. Plus, it leaves my crotch smelling nice and my pubic hair soft after I shower .

'if so, have you replaced it yet?'

Hehe, not yet. I have the plain old 'Pink Lady' as it is referred to. I plan on getting other inserts like a mouth and anus, plus tighter models of the standard vagina for guys of smaller cock length/girth (like me).

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