Body Image, Breast Sizes, and My Body Build  

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8/12/2006 11:19 pm

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Body Image, Breast Sizes, and My Body Build

You know what I really hate, I mean absolutely loathe and detest...women who complain about their bodies, namely that they don't match up to the ideals that fashion magazines and some porn mags put out, but hey, those are airbrushed. I mean, if wishes were fishes women would look at themselves and realize that there are things about them physically that are downright sexy. Believe me, there are all kinds of guys out there who like all kinds of body types. I know, I'm one of those women who keep running into men who find me attractive, and I'm nowhere near model material. C'mon, your reading the writings of a woman who rarely wears make-up (takes too much time, and I'm never sure I've gotten it right), and lives out of tennis-shoes, hiking boots, and, mules I think is what they call them nowadays. Jeans and t-shirts are easy to wash, no one cares if it's wrinkled, and it's perfect fare for running around a college campus or doing research.

Anyhow, back to bodies, I want to point a finger directly at breasts, especially after a comment on my previous post. ALL BREAST SIZES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT!!! They're even better when they're REAL. Amazing, huh, that I would think a woman with a B cup would look great? My big thing, as I said in my previous post, is the lived-in, true-to-life, genetics-caused-this type of breast. By the by, the idea that women with big breasts sag in later years...I don't know how true that is, honestly, at 36 I'm still a kid, but my grandmother didn't seem to have problems with the saggies. Mind you, aside from breast sizes, the type of matter the breast is made up of inside factors into all this as well. Some women's breasts are light and cushy, others, like mine, are compact and fibrous, which means I have to be mindful of self-breast exams (little more difficult to find nodules), and the buggers tend to be on the weighty side. Please don't laugh too hard, I mean for me to find a bra I have to go to places like Lane Bryant, which isn't cheap. Strapless bras are straight out, and exercise bras tend to go only up to C, so I end up doing the Uni-boob thing (i.e. there's no real shape, it's just stretchy fabric that holds you in and all together). I mean, I have to admit, although I can produce cleavage at the drop of a hat, I have to have support, and can't go out really without it, and definately not with spaghetti straps. Boobs are boobs, men don't get 'em so of course their eyes head that way, but we women, we have the power, we wake up to them every day... I mean it's not as if they're detachable.

By the by, ladies, don't forget those monthly breast self-examination. I probably sound like I'm parroting what everyone and their second cousin are saying, but hey, better to catch breast cancer early when it's easy to contend with. Close to the end of my grandmother's very long life (she was 93), she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and unfortunately this was in the early years of doctors figuring out treatments. She lost a whole breast due to a radical mastectomy and had to have a saline implant put in, while she had a partial mastectomy and reconstructive surgury done on the other breast. Small or large, pert or hanging, breasts are a part of a woman's physical as well as mental identity, as well as sexual identity.

Minkvile, I'm debating whether or not to make my workout efforts to loose weight public up here. I'm in a 12 week program over at the local YMCA where I meet with a coach every four weeks, and pledge to exercise at least 3 times a week. I like it from the standpoint that I've got someone keeping an eye out for me, and because of that it's encouraging me on, especially as that it's a neutral eye that wants me to reach my own goals. I only sort of started Thursday, though we officially meet for the first time on Monday. The other helpful factor is that these folks have resources I can tap so that I can make sensible and informed decisions on my goals. Also known as, it would be impossible for me to drop down to 140 pounds as that 150 pounds of me is muscle and such.

Ahh, I can already hear it now, "Didn't you start this post by saying that you hated it when women complained about their bodies?" Yeah, well, I'm not complaining when I say that I don't like being the size I am (size 26), and as that I've gained about fourty pounds in the past three years, I'm rather alarmed. My goals are simple-ish: not to ever hit 290 pounds let alone 300, to start shedding the fat. As it stands my BMI is roughly 45.9, and 47.2% of my body is fat (133 lbs of fat). They had two of those swanky body-fat readers at the YMCA and I did both in case one was off...they were both by different companies, and both read the same numbers being off only 0.1 either way. Either way, I've been fortunate in that I'm in perfect health and I haven't formed arthritis due to my weight, but I can't be taking advantage of that forever.

So that's it, I'm off to sleep, no work in the morning, but got other things to take care of.

wildoats19622 56M
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8/13/2006 12:13 am

Good luck with the conditioning. Being fit is far more important than being thin. I am neither. I should work out more, I've got dusty work out equipment to prove that, and I've got boobs. Maybe mine aren't large, but I would really rather not have them. They're not as much fun to play with, and they're hairy.


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9/6/2006 5:36 pm

Need an exercise partner?

Homey1953 64M

12/23/2006 4:51 am

Ya know what? In many ways I hate it when women degrade their bodies and try to live up to what society deems as the "perfect woman". May I describe to you the perfect woman for you? Its a woman who when she can look in the mirror and see whats inside and realize they're wonderful people. Whether they be a little hefty or boney matters not! I, personally, like a woman that I can hold and feel in my arms. I enjoy a woman who really enjoys being pleased. I like a woman who is REAL! Yeah, yeah, you think I'm nuts. May be BUT I really enjoy giving a woman deep multiple pleasures and do not judge whats on the surface. We are who we are and its the interior that makes the package special, not the cover. Its the tender touches, the sweet thoughts, the warmth, the deep love inside. Must I go on? I hope we meet one day and I will show you how great life is when you're true to yourself. Wanna?? Homer 314-378-9381

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