Like a scene from Jerry Maguire....  

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2/20/2006 8:45 pm

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Like a scene from Jerry Maguire....

The scene....

Tom Cruise busts in to the house where his soon to be ex is lamenting with a group of women about her failed marriage. He tells her that he's not going to let her give them up. He proceeds to describe the euphoria and triumph he had experienced in his life's ambition. He also laments that the triumph meant nothing because this woman, this love of his life, wasn't there to revel in it with him. Of course it was in this scene that the most incredible words..."You had me at hello" were uttered.

Well, here I am. I have just experienced something that, in my given career, is the equivalent of an Olympic Gold Medal or an Academy Award. I'm bouncing off the walls, yet all that I have to share it with is the teaming masses of AdultFriendFinder. Of course my children are excited at my happiness, but they don't comprehend what this really means. They've hugged me and told me how proud they are of me, which in the grand plan is more important than the award itself, but they are impressed when I can make their Xbox work normally after they've kicked the crap out if it in frustration. So, I feel that their excitement is based purely on the fact that I'm excited. I guess what I'm looking for now is that special lady that truely understands what this does mean to me. What I've had to deal with over the last year. The emotion that has gone in to doing this job. The physical pain that I've experienced to insure that I'm doing the best job, every day that I can possibly do. Just that one whisper of the soft, friendly voice that says how proud she is. This is nothing that a FWB or "fuck buddy" will EVER do for you. This is what a soul mate does for you. For those of you that think that sex is enough, think again.

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